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By Mathias Monzebe Begona MonzebeGarcía Bernd F

first_imgBy Mathias Monzebe, Begona Monzebe-García, Bernd Flieger, FFWPU GermanyOn January 27, 2019, we hosted a Family Festival and Blessing in Berlin. Our last family festival had been held in January 2018, and it took us a long time to make preparations in order to offer a Blessing again this year. At least 110 guests and members registered for this event, and of this number 14 new couples and singles received the Blessing.We do not have many members in Berlin, but when we have something important to strive for, we are determined and work hard in order to fulfill our goals. We are very grateful for the members and guests who came the long way from Hamburg to lend us their energetic support.We were honored by the presence of Ana and Dieter Schmidt as our officiators; for this we are most grateful. We appreciate their help all the more, knowing how busy they are.The festivities began at 15:00. Rather than offer a full buffet including sushi as we did last year, we had decided simply on snacks, coffee and cake, in order that the guests could concentrate more on the essence of the program.And again this year, the good angels supported us. All of those present in the room fully participated, also when the Blessing began. The spiritual atmosphere was palpably raised and the room filled with the colors of true love. After an explanation about the meaning of the Blessing, family and the five steps, everyone raised their glasses and drank the Holy Nectar.The musical contributions were also superb and unique. On this occasion, we had a special guest: the singing teacher of one of our 2 generation sang for us, and Nathanael and Nasstasja offered the con- gratulatory son from Lionel Richie: „Endless Love“.A couple from Ethiopia presented a coffee ceremony and afterwards each person had the opportunity to taste the coffee from small cups.And following a report, two couples were presented with a special certificate of recognition.1)          First a Blessing at home, and then participation in the big Blessing Festival: on 12 January we were able to bless a long-term customer of mine and her husband in their home. The 86-year- old husband is unable to leave the house, but I was able to persuade my customer to come to our family festival. She had already been to Korea on the occasion of True Father’s 80th birthday, and also took part in a Cheong Pyeong workshop. She looks back fondly to this occasion. With the help of a brother from Hamburg, who picked her up from her home, she was able to attend our festival. She was extremely happy and thanked us repeatedly. She was especially impressed by the number of “young people”, and commented: “Your movement really has a future; in our Catholic Church the outlook is a bit different”.2)          Three families/brothers of the family of a Syrian ambassador for peace have now received the Blessing. One brother/family attended our festival for the first time and during the preparations, I suggested that he briefly say something about his relationship with his wife and what is of importance to him in the family. Back home in Syria, he is a teacher and here he is training to be a child-care worker, but his German is not yet very good. However, courageously and with obvious pleasure, he and his wife spoke about their relationship. (See also attached photo). They were presented with an award for a good marriage and family.Things are sometimes not so easy in Berlin, and we have to make a lot of effort in order to bring any success. More than anything, it is difficult to invite guests or even to maintain our community in the absence of our own center.However, being able to hold such a meaningful event inspires us greatly, and we are grateful to God, our Heavenly Parents for his/their assistance. We would like to wish all the other communities in Germany every success in all of their plans.last_img read more

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