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Watch Playful Dolphin Juggles Jellyfish in Denmark

first_imgThe jellyfish, which probably didn’t enjoy the antics as much as the dolphin, would sometimes even land in the water with a splash as the dolphin slightly dipped its nose underneath into the water to catch it.Object play is one of the common displays of playfulness by dolphins, according to an article published in the journal Current Biology. Dolphins juggling jellyfish – really? Take a look This was filmed in Sonderborg harbour, Denmark #dolphins #jellyfish pic.twitter.com/8XnGZTvvlU— BBC Breakfast (@BBCBreakfast) August 12, 2019“Dolphins often pass seaweed from one part of their body to another, showing a remarkable skill in object manipulation in the absence of a flexible grabbing tool like a hand,” the article, written by Vincent M. Janik, reads.The play object is usually passed pass from the beak to the flipper or fin and to the tail fluke.“Fish and other marine life that do not serve as prey are regularly used in dolphin play: dolphins may push these animals around or chase and grab them just to release them before chasing them again,” Janik wrote.More on Geek.com:Watch: Amazing Megapod of Dolphins Swim Alongside Boat in California‘Grieving’ Dolphin Captured on Video Carrying Dead Calf Through Florida WatersRare Dolphin at Chicago Aquarium Is Pregnant — Here’s the Ultrasound Everyone knows dolphins are smart, but it seems they are also skilled in the art of juggling. Two friends out on a sailing trip recently recorded incredible video of a dolphin flipping jellyfish on its nose near Sønderborg Harbor, Denmark.In the video, shared by Joachim Thordsen on Instagram, the seemingly playful dolphin can be seen tossing a jellyfish up in the air with its nose, before catching it and then tossing it again. Male Dolphin Dies After Being Impaled in Head Off Florida CoastGrieving Dolphin Captured on Video Carrying Dead Calf in Florida Waters center_img Stay on targetlast_img read more

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