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New setback for Mel in the back of Las Palmas

first_imgOther formations have been Álex Suárez, Mantovani Aythami and De la Bella; and the one formed by Eric, M. Lemos, Aythami and De la Bella; both twice, without knowing the victory. And that of Álvaro Lemos, M. Lemos, Aythami, De La Bella, also twice, with a victory against Albacete, 3-2, on day 8.From here, we have seen many mixes in the shaker of Mel with Deivid in the center of the rear accompanying Aythami or Mauricio Lemos. Srnic participating in the right back against Rayo Vallecano and his appearance in the second half of that Elche game in that position. Another one that has had to change his natural position is Benito, who has also had to play on the left side, as it might happen this weekend, and the canterano Dani Martín on only one occasion, in that same demarcation before the Mirandés, and the injured Dani Castellano, who has not played since day 5 against Almeria.In short, a large number of variants that have prevented Pepe Mel from adjusting a defensive line of guarantees, which has also joined the changes in the goal and that, with the return of Raúl Fernández, after overcoming some ailments that have had 10 months off, the different combinations and doubts for the technician increase.The sterile possession of the UDThe UD is the team with the highest percentage of possession of La Liga Smartbank, with 57.4%, according to data published by the Twitter account @statsSegunda, in the 28 days played so far.From this statistic the conclusion can be drawn that not everything is to have the ball to get the victory, since Mel’s have achieved 32 goals, with an average of almost 13 shots per game.After the departure of Jonathan Viera, the team has maintained the style of play with high levels of maintenance of the ball.On the other end is the leader, Cádiz, by Álvaro Cervera, who is the team that least wants the ball of the whole table, with 42.9%, and has scored 38 goals, with only 11 times per game. A curious fact is also that of Almeria, led by Gutierrez who with only 49.3% average possession, is the most scorer team, with 48 goals.The team that finishes the most is Real Zaragoza, by Víctor Fernández, with almost 14 shots at goal on average and 53.2% of the time with the ball at his feet. Pepe Mel has been forced this course, either for injuries or penalties, to make several changes in the defensive line, without achieving stability, which has obviously affected the team to find solidity behind. In fact, seventeen different lags are counted in twenty-eight matches played to date.The most repeated defense has been the one composed by Eric Curbelo, Martín Mantovani, Aythami Artiles and Alberto De la Bella, with six participations and a balance of two wins, three draws and one defeat. The last triumph of this quartet dates from the month of December, against Elche, by 2-3. Precisely that was the best yellow league result to date, since it accumulates eight consecutive games without knowing the victory.After this combination, is the one formed by Álvaro Lemos, Mantovani, Aythami and De la Bella, being, a priori, the headline for this year and that he has only been able to establish four times, with three wins and one defeat. Since last October 18 before Cádiz, with a 0-2 defeat, this game has not been able to leave, due to the injury suffered by the Galician side on Day 13, against Fuenlabrada, at the end of that same month . The estimated range was between three and four weeks, due to a fibrillar rupture in the right quadriceps, but it has been extended for more than three months, with the player having to go to specialists from outside the island to recover and already in the final stretch of it. The yellow coach will have to re-engineer them in the next match against AD Alcorcón, if Alberto de la Bella’s discharge is confirmed, which he had to withdraw from last Tuesday’s training due to a possible muscular overload, without confirming its scope. Only two trainings remain this week to Mel to know the availability or not of the Basque defender, a fixed in the plans of the Madrid coach.Once you know the importance of the injury of De la Bella, you can open, again, multiple combinations in defense, such as opting for 3-5-2 with wide rails, which did not give good results against Deportivo de La Coruña in Riazor, or bet on Benito in the left lane losing, yes, offensive power. Such is the relevance of the Basque side in the coach’s plans, despite his last bad performances, that he is the player of the squad that has played the most minutes throughout the season, with 2,147 in 25 league games. Hence, its possible absence means a new headacheExperimentslast_img read more

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