Rabat – Moroccan F16s had undertaken around 20 missions against the Islamic State, according to a British magazine.Moroccan F16 warplanes in the US-led coalition against the terrorist organization the Islamic State (IS) for missions in Iraq and Syria had reportedly undertaken at least 20 missions.According to British magazine Air Forces monthly, the six Royal Air Force F16s deployed to the United Arab Emirates by early December and by early January had undertken around 20 missions against Islamic State targets in both Syria and Iraq. According to the New York Times, Morocco was the latest Arab nation to respond to an American appeal for more power, sending several F-16s to the fight against the so-called the Islamic State.The Moroccan F-16 fighters will be targeting fixed sites like military headquarters, communications centers, oil refineries, training camps, troop barracks and weapon depots, added the NY Times.

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