Rabat – After discussing Morocco’s counterterrorism strategy and international cooperation, the head of Morocco’s Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ), Abdelhak Khiame, discussed again the importance of security cooperation between Morocco and Algeria.In his interview with Moroccan television channel 2M, Khiame said that security cooperation “would benefit the two countries because there are several risks in the region.”Referring to Algeria’s position on the Western Sahara conflict, Khiame said that he is addressing Algeria as a security official and not with “a political motive.” Khiame emphasized Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara, saying, “No one can ever convince me that the Sahara is not Moroccan.” Khiame continued to say that  Algeria’s security services do not respond when he tells them there are weapons coming from Algeria into Morocco, suggesting Algeria does not want to cooperate.He also condemned Algeria’s “ignorance” since Morocco has warned Algeria of the situation in the Sahel, where several terror organizations are active, including ISIS and Al Qaeda.Read Also: Abdelhak Khiame Explains Morocco’s Anti-Terrorism StrategyKhiame added that cooperation between the countries would ensure stability and security for both peoples. He also called on Algeria to leave politics aside because security cooperation is necessary to deter the terror threat in the Sahel and in the whole region.Khiame added that Morocco will not spare any efforts to notify Algeria or any other country of terror threats.“We will surely not keep any secret regarding any issue that threatens the stability of any  country, including Algeria.”Khiame has brought up the lack of security cooperation between Morocco and Algeria in most of his recent interviews.In the Sahel, according to Khiame, many terror organizations have links to drug trafficking networks.Khiame said that trafficking circles clearly finance terrorism in the Sahel, which is a “fertile ground for terrorism, posing a threat in the entire region.”He discussed Morocco’s cooperation with several powers, including France and Spain, explaining that the North African country has put in place an “efficient” policy and security system to confront terrorism and drug trafficking. The security apparatus has conducted “record seizures” of cocaine and dismantled several drug trafficking rings across Morocco, according to Khiame.

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