first_imgThe good folks at PBS’ Nature have been capturing stunning imagery of animals for years. These days, some of their best footage is being recorded by creations like this disturbing-looking fellow.This is a sophisticated robo-dog that Nature used to film the activities of wild dogs for their Spy In The Wild series. They dressed him up before dropping him off in the bush, of course. With his fuzzy little dog costume on you’d never guess that there was something that looked like it crawled out of a Scott Cawthon game hiding underneath and waiting to jumpscare you.The disguise certainly seems to be convincing enough. Here, one of the wild pups comes in for a closer look:It’s not just the robodog’s good looks that put his flesh-and-bone friends at ease. His movements — though a bit stiff and understandably animatronic at times — are still authentic enough to maintain the ruse. Thanks to the cool people at Nature, you can take an up-close look at what makes those movements possible:Their shoot with the wild dogs is by no means the first time Spy In The Wild has punked a group of unsuspecting animals. They’ve also sent a crocodile hatchling, prairie dog, bushbaby, cobra and and a bunch of others out to record. They’ve even stashed cameras inside fake penguin eggs and nuts.The results are always fun to watch — especially when an animal figures out that something is amiss. There’s something deeply satisfying about watching a polar bear destroy a camera rig.last_img

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