first_imgBlog Revealed: Finland is world’s ‘happiest country’ – UN March 16, 20181 Commentcenter_img This year’s happiest country on Earth is Finland, according to an annual UN report.If cold weather and a lack of sunlight during the winter are enough to get you down, chances are you’re not Finnish.The 2018 World Happiness Report has crowned Finland the happiest nation on earth.In typical fashion, all the Nordic countries scored highly on income, social support, healthy life expectancy, trust, freedom and generosity.Meik Wiking of the Happiness Research Institute in Denmark, said: “In the Nordic countries in general, we pay some of the highest taxes in the world, but there is wide public support for that because people see them as investments in quality of life for all. Free healthcare and university education goes a long way when it comes to happiness.”The annual report has shown a steady decline of the US as the nation grapples with a crisis of obesity, substance abuse and depression.The report said: “The U.S. is in the midst of a complex and worsening public health crisis, involving epidemics of obesity, opioid addiction, and major depressive disorder that are all remarkable by global standards.”The US and UK came in at 18th and 19th places respectively.Meanwhile, Canada’s ranking remained unchanged from last year, holding the title as 7th happiest country in the world.Burundi, a country scarred by bouts of ethnic cleansing, civil wars and coup attempts, was the least happy in the report.Top 20 happiest countries:1. Finland2. Norway3. Denmark4. Iceland5. Switzerland6. Netherlands7. Canada8. New Zealand9. Sweden10. Australia11. Israel12. Austria13. Costa Rica14. Ireland15. Germany16. Belgium17. Luxembourg18. United States19. United Kingdom20. United Arab EmiratesBottom 20 happiest countries:137. Sudan138. Ukraine139. Togo140. Guinea141. Lesotho142. Angola143. Madagascar144. Zimbabwe145. Afghanistan146. Botswana147. Malawi148. Haiti149. Liberia150. Syria151. Rwanda152. Yemen153. Tanzania154. South Sudan155. Central African Republic156. Burundilast_img

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