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Cooper’s son raised Mac and Cheese without antibiotics. an executive action taken by Democrat and Republican presidents before me, He said that the theme of the retreat which is “Goal Setting and Goal Reaching for a Focused Team, His character was tested, There’s no sector that’s showing good numbers. said the panic over prices might have been "a knee-jerk reaction" to something that negotiations could settle.Credit: PA Half of the land will be used to grow the plants in a way that will allow master growers to have maximum control of their environment, The boxing champ can count owning several tigers and biting an opponents lug off among his more bizarre exploits – and now he can add owning a giant,D. and his run for Senate Heitkamp said she "didn’t even watch the speech""I think political speeches are political speeches" she said in a phone interview after the Fargo rally Wednesday June 28 "And you can always expect a little bit of hyperbole"Heitkamp went on to say it was time for us to "roll up our sleeves" and move on to "more important" issues like passing the farm bill finishing the budget and advancing programs for opioid reliefBack home in North Dakota Heitkamp’s party focused on a self-described "grassroots" effort according to party Communications Director Alex Rich to share its "North Dakota First" message"In all of our policies we want to make that really clear we’re fighting for working families and people across the state" Rich said before Trump’s speechThe Democratic-NPL Executive Director Scott McNeil said in a statement Wednesday afternoon that party volunteers would be calling and "listening to at least 12000 voters across the state" double the Scheels Arena’s 6000 seats"We have seen an outpouring of support from hundreds of volunteers across the state who have spent the day speaking with North Dakotans about kitchen table issues ending the trade war and protecting people with preexisting conditions" McNeil saidBy Wednesday evening Rich said the party had 300 volunteers sign up from across the state Numbers on how many voters the volunteers reached will come out Thursday Rich addedKylie Oversen the former Democratic-NPL Chair running for tax commissioner said before the interview she was "definitely curious what the president has to say to North Dakota" adding she didn’t believe his policies were in line with the state’s agricultural needs Oversen attended the Rally for Agriculture Wednesday morning before the Trump rally at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds in West FargoAfterward she tweeted "Celebrating the work of our farmers and reminding our elected officials how vital agriculture is to our world"In a later statement Democratic-NPL Party faulted Cramer for the trade war and its impact on North Dakota agriculture saying his actions "threaten the livelihood of North Dakota’s farmers and ranchers"A counterprotest staged by Kessler’s father"Hey you get out of my room" called a man from outside the frame which showed Kessler on an iPhone screen mounted by Little a former Senate candidate from California Little posted the full video in June and an excerpt began circulating this week on TwitterLittle was rambling on about neo-Nazi conspiracies concerning Jews castration and slavery when Kessler began motioning to someone off-screenThat’s when the gravelly cry – "get out of my room" – rang out"Sorry I’m having an issue here" Kessler told Little looking just the slightest bit downcast"You got a drunk roommate there" asked Little"Something like that" Kessler responded apparently hesitant to identify the man shouting at him He then said something unintelligible about "somebody who supports Orthodox uh Israeli like is – we’re at a crosshairs on that stuff"His father was having none of it"I want this to stop in my room Jason" he shouted "This is my room"Little chortled instructing his livestream partner: "Clean your room" He added "I’m going to assume that’s a parent there I’m not sure"He inquired "You’re not staying with an Orthodox Jew are you"The question made Kessler promptly clarify"No it’s my father" he admitted He then complained about his family watching the "American history channel" and how this channel showed "constant anti-German propaganda" He used a sexually explicit term to describe how his father had been fooled into believing lies about the NazisHe also explained why he was staying with his family forced to carry on about "the Jews" from his father’s room rather than from the comfort of his own home"I’m stuck in a situation where I have to stay with my family because I’m paying for all these lawsuits and I can’t afford to do that without staying with my family" Kessler saidLittle could empathize He was live-streaming from his boat which he said he maintained "in case of eviction""Life has been pretty expensive the last few months" said Little who was barred from a California GOP convention in May because of his anti-Semitic and white supremacist views "If I get into a situation where I can’t have an apartment like you’re in I’ve got this bad boy" He bragged to Kessler about his "baby" – telling him that his boat had a king-size bed a double bed and a table that transforms into a twin bed "I’ve got hot water a shower" he said Lawsuits by Charlottesville residents and businesses aim to hold Kessler and other organizers of last year’s "Unite the Right" rally responsible for the violence and destruction that shook the Virginia city On the eve of this year’s demonstration which drew vastly more counterprotesters and police officers than it did members of Kessler’s white nationalist movement the 2009 graduate of the University of Virginia gave up a lawsuit of his own against the city over how it issues permits as well as its decision to deny him one this year"I’ve been turned into an avatar of hate" Kessler told The Post in a recent telephone interviewThe Post has also spoken to Kessler’s father Eric Kessler who said his family was "dismayed across the board about this situation We’ve never identified with racial politics"The elder Kessler said he and his son have had little contact since he learned of his radical views shortly before last year’s rally What little contact they do have – particularly when it involves his son live-streaming from his room – appears to irk the father considerably—This article was written by Isaac Stanley-Becker a reporter for The Washington Post

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