Election results in for GOCMV

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Bill Papastergiadis has been elected again as president of the Greek Orthodox Community for the next three years following the elections for the new GOCMV committee held last Sunday The current committee was reelected while both “opposition candidates” John Lioupas and Zisis Pouros were not elected to the committee.Lioupas received 187 votes and Pouros received 179. After the election, the committee said they would ensure to follow through for a positive outcomes for the Greek community, with many key projects already on their agenda including the development of the Cultural Centre. The full list of results in alphabetical order include: Jim Bossinakis 677 Nick Dallas 676 Dimitrios Iakovakis 592 Paul Iliopoulos 681 Tammy Iliou 671 George Kallianis 641 George Koletsis 676 Alexis Kosta 679 Nick Koukouvitakis 677 Costas Markos 665 Theo Markos 668 Spiros Papadopoulos 676 Bill Papastergiadis 623 Nick Parthimos 664 Marinis Pirpiris 660 Zisis Pouros 179 Kostas Tsoumbakos 633 Philip Vassiliadis 680 Leonidas Vlahakis 678 Vasso Zangalis 673last_img read more

Character Moments and a Tense Ending are the Saviors of Once Upon

first_imgStay on target As Once Upon a Time attempts to wrap up every story it introduced in season seven before the series finale, some characters have started to feel a little lost. Namely Henry. Think about it, what’s the last meaningful thing we saw the guy do? Start a podcast? The show realizes this too. There are just so many more interesting things to focus on that Henry gets a little lost. This week, they tried to give him back some of his own story. Henry, Cinderella and Hook are partaking in the classic fairy tale activity of slaying a dragon. It doesn’t turn out to be as epic as it sounds. There is no dragon. Just a pile of abandoned treasure and a schlubby guy taking a nap. Henry’s disappointed not only because he missed out on a childhood fantasy, but because he’s denied a story. He wants an epic story of his own to offer Cinderella. You know, older Henry has spent so little time whining about nothing I almost forgot he’s the same kid from the previous six seasons. There’s the obnoxious brat we know and… know.OK, to be fair to the kid, his grandparents did give him a lot to live up to. You can’t blame him for developing a bit of a complex. Fortunately, Hook is here to put a stop to his whining. When Henry says he wants a special, meaningful ring to propose to Cinderella, Hook says he knows just where to get one. But they’ll have to steal the Jolly Roger back from Blackbeard. Sneaking aboard is the easy part, even if the barrels make them smell like pork. The hard part is taking the ship. Though Smee is still loyal to hook, none of his other former crewmates are. Blackbeard gets the jump on them and takes Hook’s map to Davy Jones’ Locker. Which is a real, literal thing on this show. They find a giant treasure chest, and Blackbeard takes a ring for himself.Andrew J. West, Colin O’Donoghue (Photo via ABC)If this is all starting to sound too convenient, it’s soon revealed that it is. Hook and Henry free themselves, and a decent-looking pirate fight ensues. It would be cool if it wasn’t all staged. Yep, it was all a fake adventure set up by Hook. Henry’s understandably pissed, but it looks like they’re about to have a real adventure anyway. A massive storm strikes, and Hook enlists Henry to help sail the ship. The near-death experience helps Henry realize that Cinderella doesn’t want a piece of treasure forged by danger. She wants Henry to come home safe. Henry figures out that the whirlpool is caused by Davy Jones who just wants his magic ring back. Hook drifts along the edge of the whirlpool while Henry climbs the masthead to throw the ring back. I have to give this sequence to the show. CGI water or no, a giant ship sailing through a storm will never not be cool.What’s less cool is Henry’s proposal. Yes, we get it. He learned that simplicity is best and he shouldn’t keep chasing adventure and danger. We didn’t need him to wax poetic on that theme for a whole scene before finally proposing to Jacinda. What could have been a big sappy moment of the season turned into an interminable treatise on simplicity. When Jacinda cuts him off to say yes, it’s out of excitement, but I’m just glad she got him to shut up.Robert Carlyle, Colin O’Donoghue, Andrew J. West (Photo via ABC)In the present, Henry is bumbling around Seattle bouncing off other peoples’ stories in search of his own. He meets Robin/Margot at Roni’s bar, and then runs into Nick, who we now know is the witch serial killer. Nick speaks cryptically about clients just to make the neon “MURDERER” sign above his head a little brighter. Then Henry gets a call with what he thinks is the next chapter in his story. It’s a podcast company in New York who wants to fly him out the next day to interview for a producer job. Because as someone who did move from Seattle to New York, let me tell you that’s exactly how it works. The problem for Henry is if he gets this job he has to move cross=country. That means no more H-Town, no more Jacinda, no more hope of breaking the curse.He awkwardly delivers the news to Jacinda and goes home to pack up. There’s at least one thing that’s going to keep him here. Detective Weaver needs his help. He found Henry’s book at the last crime scene with a bunch of super creepy notes written in it. Weaver makes Henry pour through the notes to decipher some meaning, but he can’t. We get a genuine, sweet scene out of this. One of the elements of this season I really like, one it has that the previous season couldn’t. Henry spent the previous six seasons building up a relationship with these people that he now doesn’t remember. The ones that are awake can then subtly hint at what they used to be. In this case, it’s a grandfather telling his grandson what he always admired about him. That he would always fight for hope and belief. This kind of thing never fails to melt my heart. Because I’m a sap.Robert Carlyle, Andrew J. West (Photo via ABC)It works on Henry too. He dives back into the book, realizing that he wrote himself into the story to connect with the fairy tale. He guesses that the killer is doing the same thing. Digging through the notes, he figures out that the killer sees himself as Hansel, and he’s targeting people he perceives as witches. Also, he’s obsessed with burns and scars. That give Rogers and Weaver enough to go on, and Henry heads to the airport. Because if there’s any place you can really take your time getting to, it’s the airport. Finally, Henry starts to catch on that something is keeping him in Hyperion Heights. As soon as he tries to cross the neighborhood border, he gets a flat tire. And it looks like it was caused by part of a glass slipper.And hey, look who’s here to pick him up. It’s Nick! Henry explains he’s decided to stay in Seattle and go see Jacinda. Nick even offers him a ride. What a nice guy! Henry pulls the total Henry move of unwittingly telling the bad guy everything about where he’s been that day. He spills the whole story of what he’s been working on with the cops all day, which I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t do even if you aren’t talking to the actual culprit. Until this point, the episode has been mostly ho-hum standard Once Upon a Time storylines punctuated by welcome moments of sweetness. In this scene, it gets tense. Particularly when Henry notices the burn marks on Nick’s wrist, and realizes just how bad and how thoroughly he f’ed himself. At that moment, the episode went from just ok to edge-of-my-couch riveting.Tiera Skovbye (Photo via ABC)That’s not to say the episode was bad before that moment. The story didn’t move forward all that much, but the episode made up for that. It used its time to organically build up to these well-done emotional character moments. They were all little things, but if you’re still watching Once Upon a Time in season seven, those little things are almost more important than the overall story. You’re here for the characters, even the new ones. Like Margot and Tilly. It was cool to watch Tilly slowly grow more confident over the course of the episode as she worked for Sabine at the beignet truck. Her story got even better once she started talking to Margot. We know they loved each other in the other realm, and it’s sweet watching them discover that the love still exists in this one. Tilly even convinces Margot to trust her mother a little more, even though there’s clearly something Zelena’s not telling her.It took Once Upon a Time until the end of the episode to get to the good stuff. The rest of it was setting up lessons for characters to learn that we didn’t realize they had to learn in the first place. It’s a well the show goes back to often, and it’s annoying every time. Especially when it involves Henry, who proved he can still be just as obnoxious as an adult as he was in the last six seasons. But then we get to the end of the episode. What an ending that was. The slower pace of most of the episode allowed them to subtly build to this satisfying, scary cliffhanger. Henry realizes that Nick is the Candy Killer, and Nick knocks him out. When Henry comes too, he’s tied up and Nick is standing over him with a knife. And since Once Upon a Time knows it’s a soap opera, it chooses now for Jacinda to call Henry. That’s where the episode ends. As frustrating as cliffhangers are, this one was at least fun. It works too. I know I’ll be glued to the couch next Friday night. Once Upon a Time’s Finale Was Everything We Loved About an Imperfect ShowHenry Screws Everything Up Again on Once Upon a Time last_img read more

Skippings says Youth needs respect not concerts

first_img PDA Leader calls for Ministry of Health to be more visible in their fight against Zika Related Items:oswald skippings, youth PDA to hold Provo rally tonight Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 26 Oct 2015 – There is another politician lashing out at government today for being – as he put it – out of touch with the plight of the people of the Turks and Caicos. Progressive Democratic Alliance leader, Oswald Skippings said the problems many are facing is among the reasons for the high incidence of suicide and attempted suicide. Late last week, there was a report of a suicide attempt in Providenciales. Skippings also said in that Monday media statement that the Government is trying to dupe the youth and he showed obvious disdain for recent events held for young people in the country.“Politicians need to understand that the days are over when the youth could be fooled by imported celebrities and gangster rappers and the likes. The youths have seen and are feeling the effects of the neglect, the joblessness and the marginalization and are suffering the devastating sting of poverty and social displacement.” Mr. Skippings added, “…politicians must be advised that the youth of today are wiser than many of the politicians and they want more, expect more and deserve more than a concert and a party.” The former chief minister called on country leaders to, as he put it, cease their ‘apathy’ and ‘negligence.’ Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp $50,000 donated by Wine Cellar Recommended for youlast_img read more

Battle Ground drug investigation leads to 7 arrests

first_imgBattle Ground police arrested seven people Thursday after an ongoing narcotics investigation led to a search warrant at a Battle Ground business and residence. Police went to KGB Kustom Glass at 607 E. Main St., where narcotics were reportedly being sold, and to a residence at 407 N.E. 3rd St. Police search both locations simultaneously, where they found 190 marijuana plants along with dried and packaged marijuana, a handgun, a small amount of cash, and a vehicle that’s been seized and suspected of being used to deliver the drugs. In total, police arrested seven individuals while serving the search warrant. o KGB Kustom Glass is licensed to James D. Dunn Jr., 51, who was charged with manufacturing marijuana, possessing a controlled substance with intent to deliver and unlawful possession of a firearm.o April D. Fraser, 28, was charged with manufacturing marijuana, possessing a controlled substance with intent to deliver.o Mathew E. Gramling, 41, was charged with manufacturing marijuana, possessing a controlled substance with intent to deliver and distributing marijuana to a child.o Rick Walter Johnston, 60, was charged with unlawfully possessing a firearm.o Julia M. Cory, 49, was booked on warrants for her arrest.o Bradford V. Hickman, 49, an employee of KGB Glass, was booked on warrants for his arrest.o A 17-year-old suspect from Ridgefield was charged with possessing less than 40 grams of a controlled substance and possessing drug paraphernalia. Officers are referring charged to the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office Tactical Detective Unit, the Drug Task Force, Vancouver Police Neighborhood Response Team, the Department of Corrections, the Washougal Police Department and the Camas Police Department helped the Battle Ground Police Department serve the search warrant.last_img read more

Government extends gender pay reporting requirements

first_imgThe government has extended its gender pay gap reporting requirements to include large public sector organisations and bonus information.The new regulations will make it mandatory for employers with more than 250 staff to publish the difference in average pay between male and female employees.In July 2015, the government launched a consultation to establish what information employers will have to publish, as well as where and when. The consultation closed in September. Details of how the measures will work in practice are yet to be released.A small number of employers are voluntarily disclosing gender pay data ahead of the government regulations. In November, Camden Council published pay data for its workforce, including an analysis of median earnings across pay brackets according to gender, ethnicity and disability.The highest pay variance by gender was revealed to be 12% across zone one of the council’s level-six pay range, where female staff earn a median salary of £57,500 and male employees earn a median wage of £64,645.Across pay levels one-five, which span an average median salary of £18,699-£52,458, variances between male and female pay is below 4%. There is no pay variance in five of the 12 sub-brackets across pay levels one to five and the council’s leadership pay levels.Upon releasing the data, Sarah Hayward, councillor at Camden Council, said: “We believe it’s important to hold ourselves to account and ensure equality is at the heart of organisation and throughout our workforce.”Camden Council plans to update the data and publish it annually.Caroline Waters, deputy chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said: “Publishing the data gives employers transparency with their staff’s pay, but what they really need to do is find the causes of the gaps.“The government’s measures should improve pay gaps in the long run because a formal requirement moves it to a level playing field.”Colin Leckey, partner, employment, Lewis Silkin, added: “Very few employers have already released their data, but those that have show they’re open and transparent, which encourages employee retention.“Employers need to be aware if they have a pay problem, even if it is through unconscious bias.”last_img read more

Strikes must minimise harm to Syrian civilians Amnesty

first_imgAmnesty InternationalHuman rights watchdog Amnesty International on Saturday warned air strikes by Britain, France and the United States on Syria should “minimise harm to civilians” and urged US President Donald Trump to take in Syrian refugees.”All precautions must be taken to minimise harm to civilians in any military action,” Raed Jarrar, advocacy director for Middle East North Africa at Amnesty International USA said in a statement.”The people of Syria have already endured six years of devastating attacks, including chemical attacks, many of which amount to war crimes,” he said.”People already living in fear of losing their lives in unlawful attacks must not be further punished for the alleged violations of the Syrian government,” he added.Jarrar also pointed to the refugee crisis caused by the conflict in Syria.”The Trump administration must not turn its back on the suffering of men, women, and children by continuing to ban refugees from entering the United States. It is time for the US to reopen our doors to people trying to escape from the violence in Syria,” he said.Trump last year imposed a controversial travel ban permanently closing the US border for citizens of Yemen, Syria, Libya, Iran, Somalia, North Korea and Chad.last_img read more

Kinlow Wants to Help Ward 8 Thrive

first_imgEugene D. Kinlow is a candidate for the Ward 8 D.C. Council seat. (Photo Courtesy of Kinlow Campaign)Eugene D. Kinlow is one of 15 candidates in the April 28 special election to fill the Ward 8 vacancy on the D.C. Council. He is involved with persuading Congress to grant the District political representation and preventing a private prison and trash transfer station in Ward 8.One of the District’s leading progressive activists, he wants to use his decades of experience to make Ward 8 a viable economic engine that will benefit its residents.Kinlow said that based on his years of advocacy and deep knowledge of the ward, he is the best person for the voters to send to the John A. Wilson Building. “I have lived in Ward 8 since the 1960s,” Kinlow said. “I have the vision, experience, leadership and a plan for the ward. When I was a child, Ward 8 had sit-down restaurants, grocery stores and movie theaters and we don’t have that now and I want to change that.”Kinlow is the scion of a prominent Ward 8 political family. His father, Eugene Kinlow, served as an at-large member, as president of the D.C. Board of Education, and on the D.C. Control Board.The candidate’s wife, Tonya, served on the D.C. Board of Education as an at-large member also.In the 2002 general election for one of the two at-large council seats, Kinlow, an independent, got 9.14 percent of the vote in a race dominated by D.C. Council incumbents Phil Mendelson (D) and David Catania (R).Kinlow said that Muriel Bowser, now the District’s mayor, was an active volunteer in the 2002 campaign. “My family and [the mayor’s family] the Bowsers go way back,” he said.Kinlow has been president of the Bellevue Civic Association and the Ward 8 Democrats, and represented the ward on the D.C. Democratic State Committee. He was a radio talk show co-host of the “D.C. Politics Hour” on WPFW and worked as the public affairs director at D.C. Vote, a non-profit that seeks to get the District a vote in Congress.He served 10 years as a member of the University of the District of Columbia Board of Trustees, is presently vice chairperson of Washington East Foundation, and has been a board member of Cultural Tourism DC, a non-profit dedicated to promoting the District’s neighborhoods and landmarks. If elected to the council, Kinlow said he will focus on developing the land adjacent to the Anacostia Metro Station.“If you look where the Anacostia station is located, it is a crossroads,” Kinlow said. “It is located a few feet from the Suitland Parkway that goes into Prince George’s County, several yards from I-295 that is part of the I-95 system, and short trip to South Capitol Street and right next to Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue. The station’s location is considered prime and is ripe for commercial, retail, and housing developments.”Kinlow wants to provide more jobs for young people and make massive investments in housing, particularly workforce housing where public employees such as teachers and public safety officers can stay in the city.Kinlow, who graduated from Ballou Senior High School in 1979 after attending Ward 8 schools throughout his childhood, wants all schools in the ward to be of high quality.  “We need to stop sending our children to schools in other parts of the city,” he said.Kinlow said he can deliver for the ward at the Wilson Building because he knows all of the council members and they know he means business. “All of the members of the council know that I’m an honest broker,” he said.Sandy Allen, who represented the ward on the council from 1997-2005, supports LaRuby May for the council and has had political fights with Kinlow, but she respects him. “He has the right to run [for the council],” she said. “He has been a resident of the ward for a long time.”Markus Batchelor, an advisory neighborhood commissioner in the ward, said Kinlow is worthy of a look. “His son and I worked on the Mayor’s Youth Leadership Institute together and I also worked with him on projects led by DC Vote,” Batchelor said. “To me, he was always supportive and a source of encouragement.”last_img read more

VIDEO LeBronKyrie drama parodied with remake of Eminems Stan

first_imgThe biggest drama in the NBA offseason has been the beef between LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, and Irving’s demand for a trade from the Cavs.After months of mocking internet videos, intense subtweeting, and over analysis of both, the website AOK has put the soap opera to music by remaking Eminem’s classic track, Stan, into Dear LeBron.The song is written from the perspective of Kyrie telling LeBron why he desperately wants out of Cleveland. It even has the Dido background vocals. Quality work.(Explicit language)last_img

A SOPA AboutFace for Members of Congress

first_imgRelated: NY Tech Entrepreneurs: Stop the SOPA and PIPA Anti-Piracy Bills”I have heard from the critics and I take seriously their concerns regarding proposed legislation to address the problem of online piracy,” Smith, who authored the SOPA bill, said in the statement. “It is clear that we need to revisit the approach on how best to address the problem of foreign thieves that steal and sell American inventions and products.”The moves follow several online protests this week from companies including Google, Wikipedia and Reddit, as well as in-person demonstrations around the country, including NY Tech Meetup’s rally Wednesday in Manhattan.SOPA and PIPA aimed to punish “rogue” websites that publish or sell pirated content. But online companies such as Facebook and AOL argued that the bills could negatively affect the flow of information online and stifle innovation among internet entrepreneurs.The postponements represent a major victory for the online tech community. But the issue of piracy is far from dead. Both groups have pledged to continue their efforts to find a solution that has wider approval.Related: Anti-Piracy Bill Could Do More Harm Than Good for Small Companies January 20, 2012 The tech community spoke. Lawmakers listened.In the wake of several dramatic online and in-person protests, the authors of two anti-piracy bills announced today that any further action has been postponed. First, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said he decided to postpone today’s vote on the Senate’s PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) “in light of recent events.” Shortly after, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Lamar Smith (D-TX) issued his own statement indicating that the committee is postponing consideration of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) legislation.The collective outcry from the tech community and others swayed members of Congress. Earlier this week, 80 members of Congress supported the PIPA and SOPA bills while 31 opposed them. As of Thursday, 122 members oppose the bills.  Problem Solvers with Jason Feifer min read Listen Now Hear from business owners and CEOs who went through a crippling business problem and came out the other side bigger and stronger.last_img read more

The Work Perk That Matters More Than Free Food Gym Equipment or

first_img 2 min read Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now Move over, free food. At American companies, technology is the new perk.That’s according to a recent survey by Adobe Systems that revealed 81 percent of U.S. office workers value state-of-the-art technology above everything else — even more than a beautiful office or on-site amenities. Unfortunately, only a quarter of these same employees said their company’s technology was actually “ahead of the curve.”The advantages of new tech run deep. In the U.S., those who work at companies where the technology is “ahead of the curve” love their work about twice as much as those who work at tech-lagging companies, according to the study. They also say they feel more motivated and creative.Many employees aren’t just creative — they’re passionate. The study also revealed that one-third of U.S. office workers are “moonlighting,” or pursuing one or more jobs on top of their primary one. Aside from money, passion was the second driving force behind the increasing number of moonlighters, who predict the practice will become the norm in the future.In addition, the survey also showed that the average U.S. office worker thinks about work for 78 percent of their waking hours during a typical workday, versus 41 percent on a day off. This comes as no surprise, since 70 percent of these working Americans love what they do — to the point that 80 percent would continue working even if they won the lottery.Check out the infographic below for more insights on people’s relationship with work.Click to Enlarge May 26, 2016center_img This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Enroll Now for Freelast_img read more

Londons throwing a party to celebrate the end of Indias gay sex

first_img‘They remained connected with their culture through film and TV that had erased homosexual characters, with Indian media that had no visible, out LGBT+ people.’As a result many British Indians did not accept their LGBTI loved ones. Loi argued that lead to entire generations that have been disowned or are still suffering.‘This ruling tells us and them, that we are equal to our straight siblings and we deserve to live and love freely. We must mark this moment, in honour of ourselves.’377ScrappedThe party will take place at Protein Studios in Shoreditch on 27 September.Dishoom’s co-founder, Shamil Thakrar, said they ‘(were) overjoyed by the Supreme Court’s long-overdue decision to scrap Section 377’.‘It’s always been massively important to us that Dishoom is a place where everyone is welcomed with warmth, and where our differences should not only be tolerated, but celebrated,’ he said.‘(We) and had a natural urge to bring people together to celebrate! All are welcome at 377Scrapped.’A good causeNot only will next week’s event be a lot of fun, but all ticket proceeds will go to two organizations in India that support LGBTI people. Natco Foods will match every pound raised on the night.Not only will the evening be a fun and informative event, but it’s an opportunity for people to help effect change in India.‘If there is some small way you can support through a conversation with a friend that you think might like to come to the event, a retweet, or donation, then we welcome that wholeheartedly,’ Loi said.‘We are celebrating love and connection and that’s something that every single person in the world deserves.’377Scrapped, Protein Studios, 6pm, Thursday 27 September. Tickets are available here.Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Read the full article on Gaystarnews:  :https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/londons-throwing-a-party-to-celebrate-the-end-of-indias-gay-sex-ban/ LGBTI Indians and allies celebrate the end of Section 377 in Bengaluru. (Photo: Anna Isaac via Twitter) Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… When one of history’s biggest decisions to decriminalize homosexuality happened in India this month, people beyond the Indian subcontinent felt the repercussions.center_img GAYSTARNEWS- eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) On 6 September the Supreme Court of India ruled the scrap the colonial era Section 377 of Penal Code. That law banned ‘carnal intercourse against the order of nature’ and authorities used it to criminalize the LGBTI community.The celebrations around India are still going, but the country’s diaspora around is also revelling in the historic decision. One of the biggest parties is happening in London next week.Gaysians is a network of LGBT+ charities and activists supporting the South Asian community. The network has teamed up with Dishoom, a popular Bombay inspired restaurant chain. Together they will host a night of food, dance and fun to celebrate the repeal of 377.Called 377Scrapped the night will feature performances and talks from the British Asian LGBT+ community.‘It’s vital that Indian LGBT+ people have the opportunity to celebrate the repeal of Section 377,’ Gaysian’s CEO, Reeta Loi, told Gay Star News.‘It has affected the views of Indians all over the world for generations.’377 felt beyond IndiaLoi said the effects of 377 made a lasting impact on Indian people living in the UK and that they tend to be more conservative than other British people.‘When our parents and grandparents left India post partition, they also left with the view that homosexuality is wrong; criminal, due to British legislation still in place,’ she said.last_img read more

Competition Bureau clears WestJet and Deltas transborder joint venture

first_imgCompetition Bureau clears WestJet and Delta’s transborder joint venture CALGARY — WestJet and Delta Air Lines are one step closer to cementing a transborder joint venture that will expand their codesharing and expand their networks with more frequencies and destinations.The proposed venture has received clearance under Canada’s Competition Act from the Canadian Competition Bureau (CCB). The CCB issued a no-action letter confirming that it does not intend to challenge the agreement.“Today’s clearance by the CCB is an important step towards satisfying the conditions necessary to implement the proposed WestJet-Delta transborder joint venture,” said Ed Sims, WestJet President and CEO. “We thank the CCB for its timely and thorough review. The joint venture will lead to more consumer choice, connectivity, and economic benefits on both sides of the border by growing U.S.-Canada business and tourism travel.”The proposed joint venture between the two airlines is still subject to regulatory approval from the Department of Transportation in the United States.Upon receipt of all regulatory clearances, the venture will allow the two carriers to deepen their existing partnership with expanded codesharing, reciprocal elite frequent flyer benefits, optimized growth across the U.S.-Canada transborder networks, and co-location at key hubs.More news:  ‘Turn around year’ for TPI brings double-digit growthThe partners will also begin implementing joint sales and marketing activities. Tags: Delta Air Lines, WestJet Share Travelweek Group center_img Posted by << Previous PostNext Post >> Thursday, June 27, 2019 last_img read more

Parkroyal returns to Melbourne

first_imgThe Parkroyal is returning to Melbourne, under the new title Parkroyal Melbourne Airport. From 1 April this year, the Hilton Melbourne Airport will be transformed into the Parkroyal, marking the hotel brand’s third Australian location since its return in November last year. “We are delighted to bring PARKROYAL back to its birth city,” Pan Pacific Hotels Group (owners of Parkroyal) chief executive Patrick Imbardelli said. “Visitors to Melbourne can look forward to a refreshed and updated Parkroyal brand that emphasizes authentic local experiences and friendly and unobtrusive hospitality.” The hotel will be located next to the domestic and international airport and be connected to the terminal skybridge.   Parkroyal Melbourne Airport will offer 276 guest rooms as well as 16 meeting and function rooms. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.Jlast_img read more

Qantas back to Coast brings competitive fares

first_imgFlights to the Gold Coast just became more competitive as Qantas resumes its three times daily services between the Gold Coast and Sydney from late October. A special launch fare of $48 one-way will begin the services aimed at meeting growing demand for premium leisure and business travel in the region. Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said the airline was focused on delivering the best network, frequency and service throughout the market. “Qantas and all of our people are very excited to return to the Gold Coast and relaunch services between Sydney and the Gold Coast,” Mr Joyce said. The CEO said Qantas was responding to customers demand for a premium leisure and business service, complementing Jetstar’s existing services.“Qantas will be the only domestic airline operating out of the Gold Coast which includes the convenience of a meal and checked in baggage for all passengers as part of the fare no matter what time they are flying or which class they are travelling in,” Mr Joyce announced. The move comes at a time of development of South-east Queensland, making the Gold Coast Australia’s sixth largest city and a fast growing region in the travel market. The Qantas Club will reopen by the end of 2012 after the Gold Coast passenger lounge that is currently being used by Jetstar, undergoes a refurbishment. Qantas passengers will also enjoy a smarter, faster check-in kiosk at the airport. The route will be serviced by a Boeing 737-800 aircraft featuring the new Sky Interior with state-of-the-art, touch screen in-flight entertainment from Panasonic for all passengers, and a seating design styled by Marc Newson. The $48 one-way airfare launch with run for 48 hours, for travel between Sydney and Coolangatta, available from 1500 AEST Monday 13 August until 1500 AEST Wednesday 15 August unless sold out prior. Qantas started in Queensland 92 years ago and according to Mr Joyce, the airline’s connection with the state had never been stronger. The Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) has welcomed the relaunch of the Gold Coast service for Qantas, saying it will go a long way to meet visitor demand for the route.ATEC managing director, Felicia Mariani said the Gold Coast is an important part of Australia’s international offering.“Providing a Qantas connection for international visitors is a very welcome move in support of the local tourism industry,” Ms Mariani stated.The Managing director also applauded the greater connectivity to come from this Qantas service, expanding the airlines regional capacity to “go a long way to help connect our regional experiences to the international traveller.” Source = e-Travel Blackboard: K.Wlast_img read more

The skinny The Cardinals trusted that Tyrann Math

first_imgThe skinny: The Cardinals trusted that Tyrann Mathieu would fly the straight-and-narrow, and are banking the same is true of Nkemdiche. If he harnesses his athleticism without an issue, then this pick could look great. If not, it’s a wasted opportunity to improve the secondary or another part of the team with someone without character issues.Williams is a recently converted corner with loads of potential, but who might be a bit of a project to take with the only Day 2 pick. They did get defensive end Chandler Jones, though. That should count for something.Carson Palmer was happy to see a stout center in Boehm picked in the fourth round. Their fifth-round picks were not of particularly good value.Peter Schrager, FOXSports.comGrade: AI’d feel less comfortable with other teams taking Robert Nkemdiche in the first round, but the Cardinals are a different beast. There’s an infrastructure in place, and the people in the building — from owner Michael Bidwill to GM Steve Keim to head coach Bruce Arians — are strong enough to handle any potential off-field pitfalls the young man may come across. Tyrann Mathieu is the blueprint. Now Nkemdiche — whom I had listed as my No. 1 prospect in this draft before the college season started — just needs to execute. I’m including Chandler Jones — traded to Arizona in a package that included the Cardinals’ second-round pick — as a part of this draft class and think he’ll be an absolute superstar next season. I also think Evan Boehm, a stout center/guard out of Missouri, can contribute right away.Best value pick: Evan Boehm, C/G, Missouri, 128th overallProFootballFocusGrade: C- Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires According to Yahoo! Sports, the Cardinals’ best pick was Missouri C Evan Boehm in the fourth round, as they write it would not be a surprise if he was starting for the team by midseason. The worst pick, the site notes, was third-round choice Brandon Williams out of Texas A&M, whom they believe could have been snagged later in the draft and is less ready to play than sixth-round pick Harlan Miller.The pick of Robert Nkemdiche is the big one, although using a second-round pick to land Chandler Jones via trade can’t be forgotten. The Cardinals have gotten stronger on both lines of scrimmage this offseason and are tightening the screws on what looks like a special team. A few of their picks were shrug worthy, but Nkemdiche is in an excellent environment to thrive with his personality, the way Darnell Dockett once did.Pete Prisco, CBS SportsGrade: BBest pick: Fourth-round center Evan Boehm will be a starter as a rookie. They needed help at the position in the worst way, and this is a kid who can step in and do the job.Questionable move: Taking Robert Nkemdiche in the first round. I think it’s a good move because he’s a dominant player, but I could see it being questioned. The Cardinals have a nice support group to keep him in line.Third-day gem: Fifth-round safety Marqui Christian played like a box safety in college, but he ran better 40 times than many scouts expected and could be used for more than just that.Analysis: Their draft will depend on how well Nkemdiche plays. If he can stay out of trouble, he has a chance to be a star. The risk is worth it for the Cardinals. Adding Boehm is also a good move. Solid haul.Chris Burke and Doug Farrar, SI.comGrade: B Day 1: Nkemdiche has interior pass-rush potential after grading at +23.4 as a rusher, ninth in the class. He’s not great against the run, but if he can line up over tight ends on early downs before kicking inside to rush the passer, the Cardinals can maximize his value.Day 2: A pure projection pick, Williams is an athletic former running back who graded at -5.5 overall last season, 117th in among the cornerbacks in the draft class. His production simply didn’t match his athletic reputation.Day 3: Boehm struggled in pass protection as his -7.9 grade ranked 57th among 63 qualifiers in the class. Arizona rounded out the class with two small-schoolers who struggled at the Senior Bowl in Toner (-2.6) and Miller (-1.0).Dan Kadar, SBNationGrade: B-The best pick, according to Kadar, was Boehm in the fourth round. The most questionable selection, he writes, is Williams in the third.The Cardinals took a high-risk, high-reward player in the first round in Robert Nkemdiche. It’s a good landing spot for him thanks to Arizona’s strong locker room. If he works out, they got a Darnell Dockett-like player. Boehm is a technician at center who should push to start as a rookie for the Cardinals. He’s a great help blocker and enters the NFL with a lot of experience. Fifth-round pick Cole Toner can play right or left tackle. He has solid athleticism and will make for a nice backup with starting potential. There were a lot of small-school corners taken in this draft, and the Cardinals got one of the best ones in Harlan Miller in the sixth round. It was a little surprising to see the Cardinals avoid a quarterback. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo – / 35 Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Most people will tell you an NFL draft class needs a few seasons under its belt to really know how good it was. Yet, even with that qualifier, analysts from all over will gladly present their grades for the 2016 draft — which concluded last weekend — dishing out their thoughts on how each of the NFL’s 32 teams did.So, how did the Arizona Cardinals supposedly fare with their haul of Robert Nkemdiche, Brandon Williams, Evan Boehm, Marqui Christian, Cole Toner and Harlan Williams? Let’s take a look. *Note: For some perspective, here’s a look at how the experts graded the Cardinals’ 2015 draft class.Mel Kiper Jr., ESPNGrade: B-Robert Nkemdiche is a top-10 talent when at his best, which means when he’s playing with 100 percent effort. When you get that, you have that rare penetrating force from the interior of the D-line. Calais Campbell will be 30 before Week 1, so while this isn’t a huge need pick, it’s a great value if Nkemdiche can jump into the rotation. I thought third-rounder Brandon Williams was a reach, but the former running back hits a clear need as a hybrid player in the secondary — he could end up at either safety or corner. Evan Boehm is a solid addition in Round 4 because he can play either center or guard, and both can be considered need areas for the Cardinals. Marqui Christian is another safety addition — a need area — who has a chance to stick.Arizona did a solid job of addressing needs, while also getting a potential premium player in Nkemdiche. I think they have the culture to make it work with him, and I know they did plenty of homework. Plus, this grade gets a bump because they addressed pass-rusher by trading their second-rounder for Chandler Jones before the draft.Yahoo! SportsGrade: C+ Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Nkemdiche has among the best tape of anyone in this draft class, but he dropped to 29th because of on- and off-field concerns. If Cardinals coach Bruce Arians can corral Nkemdiche’s talent and keep him on the straight and narrow as he has done with Tyrann Mathieu, the Cardinals got a real steal. Williams, a third-round cornerback from Texas A&M is a former running back with top-level athleticism, but he’s a project at the NFL level. Missouri center Evan Boehm could start right away if Arizona can work around his lack of athleticism. Christian is one to watch—winner of the Cliff Harris Award as the nation’s best small-school defensive player last year, he is a concussive hitter. Toner jumped up in national awareness after a nice week at the Senior Bowl. Overall, the Cards are going on future potential here, as opposed to filling immediate needs. The Nkemdiche pick will determine the success or failure of this draft, and that’s a bit of a risk.​ —DFLindsay H. Jones, USA TodayGrade: BAnalysis: If DT Robert Nkemdiche landed with nearly any other team, the pick probably would have earned a low grade. But not for the Cardinals. This is a perfect fit for both the team, which desperately needed pass rush help, and the player, who lands in a strong locker room full of leaders and big personalities. The Cardinals also addressed a weakness on the offensive line by drafting two linemen, including a future starting center in Evan Boehm from Missouri.Chad Reuter, NFL.comGrade: B Top Stories 0 Comments   Share   last_img read more

CNN backs off plan to hire GOP operative for polit

first_imgCNN backs off plan to hire GOP operative for political desk by The Associated Press Posted Mar 8, 2019 1:46 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emailcenter_img NEW YORK — CNN is backing off from its plan to hire a former spokeswoman for Attorney General Jeff Sessions as a politics editor, and will use Sarah Isgur as an analyst on the air instead.The network received criticism for hiring a political operative for a journalism job with potential influence over how the 2020 presidential campaign is covered. Isgur, who is a lawyer, also worked for Carly Fiorina’s Republican presidential campaign in 2016.Isgur announced the change of plans on Twitter Friday, saying she will start next month analyzing politics on air and online.The network confirmed the change in plans, saying Isgur had a change of heart and thought the different job made more sense.The Associated Presslast_img read more

Spat over Limassol highrise development

first_imgLimassol municipality is currently evaluating a cabinet approval for the construction of two high-rise buildings near the coast, which appears to contradict a court decision on how the development will affect local residents, it emerged on Friday.The case concerns the Blue Marine project, a €300 million investment undertaken by Leptos Estates set to be built near the marina, between Roosevelt avenue and the KEO factory.Spanning some 38,000 square meters, it will consist of two towers with 29 and 33 floors and two buildings with five and nine floors. They will include luxurious residences and state of the art offices.The contested element of the project consists of a plan to scrap a public road so the construction can go ahead, according to daily newspaper Politis.Two property owners with residences on the adjoining road contested the building permit and took the case to court, along with Limassol municipality, as they argued it would lower the value of their homes.According to a spokeswoman for the municipality, the judge ruled that the approval granted to the developer to scrap the public road should be recalled.Nonetheless, despite the court’s decision, cabinet gave the municipality the go ahead to grant Leptos Estates a permit for the Blue Marine project in the way it was originally planned.“Limassol municipality will follow the provisions of the law,” said mayor Nicos Nicolaides, adding that they were evaluating how to proceed.A representative of Leptos Estates was not immediately available for comment.Nicolaides in a speech last week to give an overview of the Limassol’s progress and plans said while the huge boost the city has had in the field of construction should not be held back, proper regulations should be in place so that buildings do not get out of hand and there can be a ‘harmonious and productive introduction’ to new buildings.Limassol has become home to many such high-rise buildings amidst growing concern they will become ‘ghost buildings’ because of people taking advantage of the citizenship through investment scheme, which states that foreigners who invest €2m in the property market or Cyprus-based companies, including a residence worth at least €500,000, can obtain citizenship.Environmentalists also expressed concerns over Limassol’s quickly changing coastline. The sea front already houses many high rise buildings, including One Residence, which will eventually be 170 metres and 37 storeys high, making it, according to developer Pafilia, the tallest residential coastal tower in Europe.They argue that residents living behind the tall buildings will be cast into the shadows.You May LikeDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoYahoo SearchThe Early Signs Of Type 2 Diabetes. Search Type 2 Diabetes TreatmentsYahoo SearchUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Dems want to great

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as the area is undeveloped and would require the construction of a road, The politicians are out there to intimidate us with the police. Zamafara state. Yameen imposed the emergency on 5 February for 15 days to annul a Supreme Court ruling that quashed convictions against nine opposition leaders and ordered his government to free those held in prison. Friday chatting about Max on Twitter and even created a webpage for the book: LetMaxIn. She hopes to eventually train him to be a therapy cat, Jibrin wrote: “The problem of Nigeria is that most of our so called leaders are corrupt…they preach in day time but up at night looking for bribes. “So the previous gazette prevails since the sale was not gazetted. A Pittsburgh woman escaped her car in the nick of time, and dinked another for Benedikt Howedes.

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and said she was off her medications."For some reason the DOC inspector was focusing on what happened in the first few hours of her being booked into jail. read more

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Once a Democratic-leaning county, executive director of African Immigrant Services in suburban Minneapolis, "It would be the worst television show ever. By day, we need to please the tourists. 20, Ludacris is helping MTV relaunch Fear Factor, Ernakulam is the nearest major railway station from Munnar.

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"Sending a message of love to someone who may not know your feelings is a delicate matter and the simple charms of these Victorian cards remind us how it should be done,Victorian Valentines Day Cards. paid tribute to Gonzales’ "immense bravery and tireless defence of human rights and justice" in a message posted on social media. refugee program and banned all entries from seven Muslim-majority nations for 90 days. thereby cannibalizing their core business. Osmo comes with three games,00 midnight to discuss with Chief Minister & Deputy Chief Minister the issue of difficulty in release of certain TV Advertisement relating to completion of 3 years of current Government in Delhi.S. Experts cite multiple reasons our furry friends are swelling in size. “Just in the last few days.

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she said discussing these cuts is the board doing its “due diligence.”“I hope we bring it back for another vote because the students of Fargo and the parents and the whole community deserve a better answer, I would be punishing you for committing this impiety in the temple! “The British told us a week ago that the Emiratis and the Saudis had told them they would not enter the battle of Hodeida without their agreement and assistance. California.Parasaran are representing the Sasikala camp. and it finally collapsed on Saturday, whose chambers were just above the basement prison in Slavyansk. and thank goodness she said yes. Not anymore.

But politicians are called on to make decisions based on incomplete information all the time, aureus, “This was a very good move. a child has died of the virus; four other children died after getting the virus. read more