BBB tips to help BC wildfire victims

first_imgAs people across British Columbia deal with the harsh reality of lost homes, Albertans are looking to help out.The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has some tips to make sure donations end up in the hands of people who need it most.The BBB’s Leah Brownridge said the number one thing people can do is do a quick check of the organization they’re donating to.“Any organization that is claiming to be a charitable organization must be registered with the Canada Revenue Agency,” she said, adding everyone needs to take extra care donating online.“Do a little research into the individual that has actually set up that page,” said Brownridge. “If you know and trust that person then you can be confident you’re making a safe donation, however if it’s someone you don’t know, you can’t be totally sure where that money is going.”Some pop-up organizations are completely fake and not a single cent goes to those who need it.Even though someone may have every good intention donating certain items, make sure they’re needed first.“They may not need, at this point, things like clothing or maybe food,” said Brownridge. “Maybe money is the primary donation but once again, making sure you make that differentiation and then make your donation accordingly.”It’s also a good idea to make sure the organization has an on-the ground presence.Brownridge added don’t send cash or give out personal or financial information. For security and tax reasons, people should always use cheques or credit cards.last_img read more

Embassy angered by Tory MP linking Mexican visitors to illegal drug trade

first_imgOTTAWA – The Mexican government is taking a Conservative MP to task for implying that many Mexican visitors to Canada are involved in the illegal drug trade.Sarnia, Ont., MP Marilyn Gladu made the suggestion Wednesday during debate on the Trudeau government’s bill to legalize recreational marijuana.Her reference to Mexicans came as she was arguing that legalization will actually be a boon for the illicit black market in cannabis — contrary to the government’s contention that it will displace organized crime.She said legal pot will be more expensive than the “going price” of $7 per gram on the black market. And she slammed the government for allowing individuals to grow up to four marijuana plants per dwelling, arguing that organized crime has increased in Colorado because it allows home-grown weed.“We can see how profitable organized crime has been there,” she told the House of Commons.Then Gladu added: “By the way, the government also eliminated the visa requirements for people coming in from Mexico, so lots of experienced people could just move in and take over the whole thing.”The Mexican embassy hit back in a written statement.“The embassy strongly disagrees and rejects any assertion that singles out or pretends to portray Mexicans as criminals,” it said.“Comments based on stereotypes are inaccurate and hurt the dignity of the Mexican people and should be avoided.”In an interview, Gladu initially doubled down on her comments.“I would point to some of the statistics that we had before the visa (requirement) was lifted,” she said.“There were about 9,000 (Mexicans) that were coming to Canada and it was costing us about $15,000 and taking about six months before they were deported and there was a large percentage that were of the criminal element.”She appeared to be referring to the fact that 9,462 Mexicans sought asylum in Canada in 2008 — more than half of whom were rejected for not having valid refugee claims.The following year, Stephen Harper’s Conservative government imposed a visa requirement on Mexicans wanting to enter Canada. It justified the move by pointing to an increase in bogus asylum claims from Mexicans whom the government argued were really economic migrants, not refugees fleeing persecution. Keeping criminals out of the country was not a big part of the rationale.The Liberal government lifted the visa requirement in 2016.“Now, they don’t know who’s coming in,” Gladu said in the interview. “Certainly, everyone has seen too many movies with drug cartels but it’s rife in Mexico.”According to intelligence reports obtained by Global News last year, dropping the visa requirement did indeed lead to an increase in Mexican criminals trying to enter Canada — although they remained a tiny fraction of overall Mexican travellers to the country.Just 0.25 per cent of the 156,000 Mexican nationals who entered Canada between 2012 and 2015, when visas were required, were implicated in crime, Global reported, including 29 linked to organized criminal groups, another eight with “possible links” and “likely more” who hadn’t been identified.Midway through 2017, after the visa requirement was lifted, Global reported that the Canada Border Services Agency had already identified 65 Mexican nationals it said were involved in “serious” crimes. Another 15 were cited for national security reasons.However, that same year, the overall number of Mexican visitors to Canada increased by 45 per cent, the embassy said in its statement, adding that the numbers grew by another 27 per cent in the first quarter of 2018. In addition, it said more than 25,000 Mexican agricultural workers come every year to work on Canadian farms.“There is no basis to sustain any link, whatsoever, between increased mobility and criminal activity. Both Mexican tourists and seasonal workers contribute to the Canadian economy.”Asked if she had any second thoughts about her reference to Mexicans during Wednesday’s debate, Gladu suggested her comments were made “in the passion of making your speech.”“I wouldn’t say the Mexicans are more prone to drug crimes than the organized crime we already have in Canada,” she said.“We have a $9-billion marijuana business operating today illegally in the country so we certainly have our own home-grown criminals, if you could call them that.”last_img read more

Quebecs Pelletier leads farthest exploration of any planetary body in history

first_imgPeter Rakobowchuk, The Canadian Press MONTREAL — Frederic Pelletier is boldly predicting he and his team will get the New Horizons spacecraft exactly where it should be on New Year’s Day — 1.6 billion kilometres beyond Pluto to rendezvous with a space rock known as Ultima Thule.The goal of the NASA mission is to pass by the region known as the “Kuiper Belt” and send data back to Earth that can help explain the origins of the solar system. The flyby of Ultima Thule is being described by the space agency as the “farthest exploration of any planetary body in history.”NASA says by exploring the region beyond Pluto, scientists can learn more about comets, small planets and other material dating back to the era when planets were formed — 4.5 billion years in the past.By the time the New Horizons spacecraft makes its closest approach to Ultima Thule — scheduled for 12:33 a.m. eastern standard time on Jan. 1, 2019 — the vehicle will be 6.6 billion kilometres from Earth.“It’s very difficult, we don’t have much information about (Ultima Thule),” Pelletier said in a recent interview with The Canadian Press. “I’m a bit nervous, but I feel confident … all the stars are aligned.”NASA contracted Pelletier to be the chief navigator of the spacecraft for the New Horizons mission, whose original plan was to fly past Pluto. The team reached its goal when the vehicle successfully flew by the dwarf planet on July 14, 2015, and sent back data “that resulted in profound new insights about Pluto and its moons,” according to the space agency’s website.The voyage beyond Pluto to the Kuiper Belt is part of the extended mission.Pelletier and his eight-member team are responsible for delivering the spacecraft, which is the size of a baby grand piano, to the target.It will fly by Ultima Thule at a distance of about 3,500 kilometres, going 14 kilometres a second — or 50,000 kilometres an hour. Pelletier compared it to a motorist inside a car who is trying to look at a lamppost.“It’s going by real fast,” he said.Pelletier said scientists estimate Ultima Thule to be about the same size as Washington D.C.“It’s estimated to have a diameter of 30 kilometres right now,” Pelletier said. “We suspect that it’s not going to be spherical, that it’s going to have some weird shape to it. There’s also the possibility that it will be a binary asteroid — two objects touching each other or in close formation.”What has made the task even more challenging for the Quebec City native is the fact that it takes six hours for the signal from Earth to reach the spacecraft and another six hours to return.“So when we plan manoeuvres to do uplinks and updates, we need to take that into account,” Pelletier noted.The New Horizons spacecraft blasted off Jan. 19, 2006, for its trip to Pluto, and since 2015, has been moving deeper into space. The mission is being hosted by Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physical Laboratory in Laurel, Md., where Pelletier and his team are working.Ultima Thule was first detected in 2014 using the Hubble Space Telescope, meaning the rock was only discovered after the New Horizons launch.NASA says scientists estimate there are several hundred objects with a diameter longer than 30 kilometres waiting to be discovered in what’s known as “the third zone” of our solar system.“I’m an explorer,” Pelletier said. “I love going to places (that are) unexplored — we’re on the edge of the solar system. The Kuiper Belt was only discovered in the 1990s.”Until the Jan. 1 flyby, Pelletier will keep busy monitoring Ultima Thule, barely giving him time to celebrate his 44th birthday on Friday, Dec. 28.But his wife and two boys, aged 9 and 12, will be flying up to Maryland to join him in the coming days.Pelletier has worked on a number of other space missions, including the voyage the Cassini spacecraft took to Saturn, and he also participated in the Mars Curiosity landing.last_img read more

Stella Artois Teams Up With Matt Damon And Waterorg

first_imgStella Artois today announced it is once again partnering with and its Co-Founders Matt Damon and Gary White on their second ‘Buy a Lady a Drink’ campaign.Stella Artois joins forces with and Co-Founders Matt Damon and Gary WhiteThe campaign aims to drive awareness of the global water crisis that affects 663 million people around the world who lack access to clean water, and calls on consumers to help leave a legacy as the generation that ends this crisis, once and for all.Video: Leave a Mark with Matt Damon and | Buy a Lady a Drink | Stella ArtoisThe ‘Buy a Lady a Drink’ campaign was first launched in 2015 to utilize Stella Artois’ global footprint to help positively impact this important issue. Water has played an important role in Stella’s 600-year heritage, and is an essential ingredient in the Stella Artois that is brewed today. Last year the campaign focused on women’s long journeys for clean water. This year, the campaign showcases the positive impact that access to clean water can have, while inspiring consumers to leave a positive mark on the world.“I’ve seen how the lives of women and their families can change when they get access to clean water,” said Co-Founder Matt Damon. “Access to water is access to education, access to work, access to the kind of future we want for all humankind. Thanks to our partnership with Stella Artois, this year’s ‘Buy a Lady a Drink’ campaign helps us tell this story – and gives consumers the chance to help us change it.”“ is committed to making clean water accessible so everyone in the world has the opportunity to prosper,” said Co-Founder and CEO, Gary White. “We’re proud to partner with Stella Artois again this year to help us change more futures around the globe.”This global, multi-channel partnership launches today with several opportunities to engage in the effort.New Limited-Edition Chalices Designed by Local Artists in Kenya, Peru and HaitiStella Artois will release a new set of limited-edition Chalices designed by three artists from Kenya, Peru and Haiti
Today, Stella Artois will release a new set of limited-edition Chalices designed by three artists from Kenya, Peru and Haiti: Daniel Cortez Torres from Peru, Wini Awuondo from Kenya and Michele Manuel from Haiti. Each design represents the specific water problem faced by women in their country.Consumers can purchase one of the exclusive Chalices for $13 at For every Chalice sold in the U.S., Stella Artois will donate $6.25 to, up to 90,000 chalices, to help provide five years of clean water for one person in the developing world.“Water is woven into the very fabric of Stella Artois – it has allowed us to leave behind a proud brewing legacy, and we want others to have that same opportunity to leave a mark on the world,” said Ricardo Marques, vice president, Stella Artois. “Thanks to our continued partnership with, we have been able to change the lives of more than 290,000 people in the developing world through access to clean drinking water. Small actions, like the purchase of a Chalice, can have a big impact.”New Short Films 
The campaign will also feature three new short films. The first film showcases a zoetrope animation, a moving image device that features individual Stella Artois Chalices painted with different scenes of the positive impact that access to clean water can bring – such as growing crops, earning an income and going to school. The second film, featuring Matt Damon with the zoetrope, asks consumers to consider their own personal legacies and challenges them to become part of the generation that ends the global water crisis. Finally, the third film is a YouTube 360 video, which brings to life the experience of one woman and her family in Honduras via virtual reality on consumers’ mobile devices.Debut of New Documentary Series 
To further underscore the power of water and inspire social action, Stella Artois has commissioned 2015 Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize Winner Crystal Moselle to create a three-part documentary series showcasing the impact of the global water crisis on women and their communities in Haiti, Kenya, and Peru.Moselle and her Academy- and Emmy Award- winning producer Fazeelat Aslam recently traveled to Haiti, where they met Marie, a midwife living in a community with no access to clean water. In her daily struggle to provide for her large family and service her community, Marie’s resilience became immediately apparent. Her story inspired the filmmaking team’s first chapter of an eye-opening look at the water crisis around the world.“Clean water is something that’s easily taken for granted. Many of us don’t realize how much it impacts a community’s livelihood and sense of hope for the future,” said Moselle. “On our visit to Haiti, we met so many amazing women dealing with the crisis on several levels. These stories of strength, hope and perseverance really resonated with us, and we hope they will inspire viewers enough to take action.”The films will be produced in partnership with Stella Artois, and with advisory support from The series will debut to coincide with World Water Day.Stella Artois Leaves a Mark at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival 
Stella Artois will showcase its commitment to making a difference at this year’s Festival in Park City.• Co-Founders Matt Damon and Gary White will host a panel session along with Todd Allen, Global Vice President, Stella Artois. The discussion will be centered on the current global water crisis, and what needs to be done to end the long water collection journeys many women in developing countries have to make each day. • Stella Documentary Series filmmaking team Crystal Moselle and Fazeelat Aslam will lead a discussion about powerful storytelling through film. The duo will debut a manifesto video from their experience in Haiti and discuss their new documentary series. • The Stella Artois Filmmaker Lounge will highlight up-and-coming directors and films that empower women, and much more, to further inspire others to leave their mark on the world.To learn more about the global water crisis, how to leave a mark on the world and purchase a limited-edition Stella Artois Chalice, consumers can visit read more

Gina Yashere rides wave of success into JFL 42

first_imgAdvertisement Gina Yashere knows who’s boss. She is.The British comedian comes back to town for JFL 42, and continues to ride a wave of success as she constantly tours the world, creating and selling her own comedy specials and recently joined the The Daily Show as the show’s resident Brexpert.Caught on the treadmill at her hotel in Birmingham, Ala., Yashere is almost perfectly built to take on identity politics, just because she comes from so many backgrounds. She’s Black, from Britain, emigrated to America, lives in Brooklyn and is a lesbian. She says she’s always reading audiences to figure out what the best tack to take. Twitter Facebook “I do constantly, and I work with all kinds of crowds. I’m in Alabama right now, so it’s a very Christian. I’m an outsider, so I can say things about Americans that they may not take from somebody who’s American,” she says.“I don’t come out and say, ‘Oh, Americans are so vicious,’ I come at it from a point of naiveté almost. I go ‘I’ve been here a little while, and I’ve noticed this, that’s weird,’ and I do it in that way, so they can go, ‘Oh that’s right, we are that way.’ I don’t do it in a way that I’m preaching that ‘you people are so stupid.’ You’ve got to find that balance. You don’t want people to feel bombarded, or abused, or belittled, which is why I come at it that way.” Advertisementcenter_img Gina Yashere has taken the comedy business into her own hands, creating her own specials and selling them herself. (SUPPLIED PHOTO) Advertisement Login/Register With: LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment last_img read more

Confucius Institute event will showcase Chinese art and culture

Brock University’s Confucius Institute is hosting a free community cultural event this weekend that will feature a visiting art troupe from China’s Beijing Normal University.Performances will include Chinese dances and songs, ancient classic Chinese music and authentic Peking opera.The event takes place Sunday, Nov. 3, from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Sir Winston Churchill School auditorium. The event is free, open to everyone and includes parking.* What: Gala Performance by Beijing Normal University hosted by the Confucius Institute at Brock University* When: Sunday, Nov. 3, from 4 to 6 p.m.* Where: Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School auditorium, 101 Glen Morris Dr., St. Catharines, Ont.

Los Angeles DA charges utility with crimes for gas leak

by Brian Melley, The Associated Press Posted Feb 2, 2016 9:00 pm MDT Last Updated Feb 2, 2016 at 9:40 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Los Angeles DA charges utility with crimes for gas leak LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Los Angeles prosecutors filed misdemeanour criminal charges Tuesday against a utility for failing to immediately report a natural gas leak that has been gushing nonstop for nearly 15 weeks.District Attorney Jackie Lacey said the charges aren’t a solution to the problem, but Southern California Gas Co. needs to be held responsible for the leak that has uprooted more than 4,400 families.The charges came the same day the state attorney general joined a long line of others in suing the gas company for the blowout that has spewed more than 2 million tons of climate-changing methane since October.Lawmakers in Congress have urged the U.S. secretary of energy to investigate the leak, and federal regulators are crafting new safety standards for underground natural gas storage facilities.The criminal complaint charges the company with three counts of failing to report the release of a hazardous material and one count of discharge of air contaminants.The company said in a statement that it will vigorously defend itself in court. Arraignment is scheduled for Feb. 17.If convicted, the company could be fined up to $1,000 per day for air pollution violations and up to $25,000 for each of the three days it didn’t notify the state Office of Emergency Services of the leak.The company said it discovered the leak Oct. 23 and notified state gas and oil regulators.But it failed to let state emergency officials know until Oct. 26, Attorney General Kamala Harris said in the latest of more than two dozen lawsuits filed against SoCalGas.The leak has created a public health and statewide environmental emergency, Harris said. The lawsuit, which doesn’t specify damages, says the company created a nuisance and violated health and safety codes and the state’s unfair competition law.A spokeswoman said the company doesn’t comment on pending litigation and was focused on stopping the leak, which it expects to plug by the end of the month.SoCalGas said it paid $50 million through December to try to cap the leak and relocate people, but the number of families it has relocated since then has soared and work at the leaking well continues.It is also facing potential class-action lawsuits from residents and businesses as well as suits from regional air regulators and city and county authorities.Harris, a Democrat running for U.S. Senate, is the first state official to sue, though her lawsuit incorporates elements of lawsuits filed by the city and county of Los Angeles.Several state agencies are investigating the blowout and have issued orders to the gas company to stop it and turn over records of the 60-year-old well and others from the field that is the largest natural gas storage facility in the West.The federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration got involved for the first time Tuesday, saying it is working to propose new regulations for gas storage and directing operators to “inspect and take immediate actions to ensure the safety of underground natural gas storage facilities across the country.”State regulators are investigating the cause of the leak, but they said they won’t know until the well is plugged, which is expected by the end of the month.Local residents have reported symptoms including headaches, nosebleeds and rashes, among other woes.Public health officials have blamed the maladies on odorant added to make the gas detectable. They have said the leak — mostly methane but including trace elements of the carcinogen benzene — is not expected to cause long-term health problems.___Associated Press writer Ellen Knickmeyer contributed to this story from San Francisco. FILE – In this Jan. 16, 2016 file photo, Tera Lecuona, resident of the heavily-impacted Porter Ranch area of Los Angeles, holds a protest sign during a hearing in Granada Hills over a gas leak at Southern California Gas Company’s Aliso Canyon Storage Facility. California’s attorney general is suing Southern California Gas Co. over a massive out-of-control natural gas leak. Attorney General Kamala Harris said the company violated several state laws and failed to report the leak to necessary agencies for three days after it was discovered in October. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel, File) read more

Sebastian Govinco tips Juventus for European glory

first_imgToronto FC’s Sebastian Giovinco has backed his former club Juventus to win their first Champions League title since 1996.The Italian giants signed Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid with a clear intention of European glory after becoming runners-up twice in the last four seasons of the Champions League.The ex-Bianconeri man Giovinco feels that this could well be Juve’s season.“I think it might be their season,” the 31-year-old told Malta today.Franck Ribery, FiorentinaFiorentina owner: “Ribery played better than Ronaldo!” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Fiorentina owner Rocco Commisso was left gushing over Franck Ribery’s performance against Juventus, which he rates above that of even Cristiano Ronaldo’s.“Moreover, in the summer they have improved by signing important players. They’re clear favourites to win the Scudetto as well.“Juventus have gained more awareness of their own resources. The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, who knows how to win in Europe, is undoubtedly a major help.”“Juventus are top of Serie A table and will be facing Valencia in their last Champions League group stage encounter.”last_img read more

Two horses die after collision at Del Mar Racetrack

first_img Posted: July 18, 2019 Updated: 1:02 PM KUSI Newsroom, KUSI Newsroom Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwittercenter_img DEL MAR (KUSI) – Two horses died at the Del Mar Fairgrounds race track Thursday morning after colliding during a training session, according to officials with the Del Mar Throughbred Club.The accident happened around 6:30 a.m. during a training session, Del Mar Throughbred Club spokesman Dan Smith said.The two horses, 3-year-old Carson Valley and 2-year-old Charge a Bunch, collided after Charge a Bunch unseated jockey Geovanni Franco, then turned sharply and ran in the wrong direction before colliding with Carson Valley, who was training alongside two other horses, according to a statement from the race track.Franco and the other two horses were uninjured in the collision, Smith said.The jockey riding Carson Valley, Assael Espinoza, complained of pain in his lower back and underwent a CAT scan at a local hospital, the Daily Racing Form said.Carson Valley was trained by Bob Baffert and Charge a Bunch was trained by Carla Gaines.“This was a very unfortunate accident and it is a shock to everyone in the barn,” Baffert said in a statement. “We work every day to take the best care of our horses, but sometimes freak accidents occur that are beyond anyone’s ability to control.”PETA Senior Vice President Kathy Guillermo issued a statement on the deaths of two horses who collided at the Del Mar racetrack “These horses’ lives were taken from them by the racing industry. PETA requests that Del Mar and all other California racetracks release records of horses who have gotten loose on the tracks and urges the California Horse Racing Board to launch a full investigation in order to eliminate the dangers of training. Saying that deaths are inevitable in racing is like saying a swim team can’t compete without drowning. If racing can’t be done without horses dying, it shouldn’t be done at all.”The race track began its 80th racing season Wednesday. Two horses die after collision at Del Mar Racetrack July 18, 2019last_img read more

Thieves who stole flags from Capitol turn themselves in

first_imgThe three men who climbed the Alaska Capitol and stole the American and Alaska flags have turned themselves in to police.The Juneau Empire reports that the men turned themselves in Tuesday morning. They were caught on security cameras cutting through the chain-link fence that leads to the building July 31.Juneau police spokesman Lt. David Campbell says the men were not arrested on the spot, but criminal charges are expected against all three. Police will ask city prosecutors to charge them with misdemeanor larceny and criminal trespass.Campbell said alcohol was involved in the caper.last_img

Call Center Software

first_img 2 min read If you’ve got a high-volume call center, you’re probably not combing through each recorded call every night. It’s understandable, yet it’s a shame–because that call-center data could be crucial.Many companies are picking up on that fact. Technology like emotion detection and word spotting helps businesses cull information not just from what customers say, but also how they say it.NICE Systems Ltd., for one, offers NICE Perform, which includes emotion-detection and word-spotting features trained to pick up on variations in tone of voice as well as key words, such as cancel, happy and even a competitor’s name. Says NICE’s Virginia Flood, “NICE Perform enables us to identify patterns of behavior–what a customer intends to do, what their next step might be.”Knowlagent takes things a step further with what co-founder and co-chair Matt McConnell calls “sensing”–identifying what an agent says and does in the course of a call. Knowlagent’s Coach software will track, in real time, how long it took an agent to upsell a product, or even how many times an agent has put a customer on hold.The key to making these solutions work in your business is giving the data the attention it deserves. “Understanding the underlying causes of performance trends is critical to determining how to improve quality, lower costs, generate revenue and increase customer satisfaction,” says Mariann McDonagh, vice president of global marketing for Verint Systems in Melville, New York. Verint’s Ultra suite delivers information about customer interactions to key people.No matter what solution you choose, keep agents informed. Kimberly King, president of InterWeave Corp. in Tampa, Florida, a performance management consulting firm serving the call-center industry, says, “This system should not be perceived as a ‘caught you doing something wrong’ system. Educate everyone before installation so you can set them up for success.”Above all, keep on top of this technology. Says King, “Make sure it evolves as your business does to ensure you the greatest return on investment.”Kareren E. Spaeder is a freelance writer in Southern California specializing in small business and education. December 9, 2005 Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global This story appears in the January 2006 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe » Register Now »last_img read more

People Spirit Airlines Senior Executive makes the jump to Canada Jetlines

first_img Travelweek Group Posted by RICHMOND, B.C. — A former Spirit Airlines executive has joined the ranks at Canada Jetlines as its new independent director.Tony Lefebvre, who spent eight years at Spirit Airlines in various senior executive positions including Chief Operating Officer, started his new role at Canada Jetlines on Feb. 5.“Mr. Lefebvre is a welcome addition to the board,” said Mark Morabito, Executive Chairman of Canada Jetlines. “His extensive experience in the ultra-low cost airline industry will be invaluable to the company as we commence and grow operations.”At Spirit Airlines, Lefebvre was responsible for operating functions like flight operations, maintenance, inflight, airport operations, systems operations control, safety and security. He was part of the senior management team that successfully publicly listed the company on the NASDAQ and led cost-cutting initiatives that resulted in a sustained sub $0.06 CASM (Cost Per Available Seat Mile).Prior to Spirit Airlines, he worked with US Airways for 15 years as a Managing Director where he led European operations across 16 countries. Lefebvre is currently President and Chief Operating Officer at BBA Aviation, responsible for its global Engine Services and Signature MRO businesses.More news:  GLP Worldwide introduces first-ever Wellness programsCanada Jetlines has granted a total of 225,000 stock options to Lefebvre in his role as a director. The stock options have been issued for a five-year term, with one quarter vesting every six months from the date of grant.The airline has also appointed Warren Kinsella and Tayfun Eldem to its Advisory Board.Kinsella is the president of Daisy Group and was previously a partner at the law firm McMillan Binch. For a number of years, he was United Airlines’ chief consultant in Canada, and also served as the chief government and public relations advisor to the Toronto Port Authority during Porter Airlines’ inception.Eldem, meanwhile, is a seasoned business executive based in Montreal who has held senior roles at multinational organizations. He was recently reappointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Toronto Stock Exchange listed Alderon Iron Ore Corp, and was also the Managing Director and Associate at Hatch Ltd., where he led business development, client engagement and project delivery functions in Eastern North America.More news:  Can you guess the one and only hotel company to rank on Indeed’s Top Workplaces in Canada list?Canada Jetlines has also announced the resignation of Mark Lotz from the Board of Directors. << Previous PostNext Post >> [People] Spirit Airlines Senior Executive makes the jump to Canada Jetlinescenter_img Tags: Canada Jetlines, People Share Tuesday, February 6, 2018 last_img read more

Cyprus has high number of blood donors

first_imgCyprus has one of the highest rates of blood donors in the world compared to the size of the population, Volunteerism Commissioner Yiannis Yiannaki said on Sunday.The creation of blood stocks to use for treating people with Thalassaemia and the formation of a committee to enlighten people about donation means Cyprus meets all its own blood needs, he said speaking at an Antianaemic Association event in Nicosia.He praised the work of the association in raising awareness of Thalassemia and blood donation, the implementation of the appropriate means for effective treatment of Thalassemia and the education, social adaptation, training, psychological support, professional rehabilitation and general care of sufferers.“We all acknowledge the importance and value volunteers offer, which is particularly worthwhile when it comes to voluntary blood donation. Voluntary blood donation saves lives and the association’s work to create a culture of blood donation in our country, is one of its greatest successes,” the Commissioner said.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoSmart Tips DailySeniors With No Life Insurance May Get A $250,000 Policy If They Do ThisSmart Tips DailyUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

there is growing ac

there is growing acceptance of the use of CBD derived from marijuana to treat illnesses ranging from chronic pain to anxiety and epilepsy.(Bloomberg) Aurora Cannabis Inc with Barca director Guillermo Amor as good as admitting the meeting took place. dangling from the helicopter as it wobbled while trying to stay level in the strong crosswind. youre too low, need to pay attention and evacuate in case rivers start flooding. “University leaders have taken aggressive actions to date and they will meet tomorrow to discuss additional measures to advance student safety.

“She was the winner and she gained a massive amount of weight,The House of Representatives yesterday changed the order of 2019 general elections’ time table earlier released by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) The Green Chambers effected the change through an unexpected amendment to the Electoral Act (2010) The change came almost a year after INEC released the time-table for the 2019 general elections. A week earlier, a practice opponents said was akin to vote-buying. sexual assaults and harassment will continue.Schafer said he has heard from those who are anxious but also from those who appreciate his open approach and have confidence in the process because he went through a budget crisis when he served as the state’s governor. we’re going to have to make them for them,In a Wall Street Journal op-ed," Goldblum teased. His method comprised these broad aspects: gathering granular intelligence.

issues related to electricity and roads, she tends to favor long gowns or skirts, Amanda Brooks is a writer and the former fashion director of Barneys New York. Mark Hughes is the British bookmakers’ favourite to be the next managerial casualty following a return of one win in eight matches that has seen Stoke fall to 17th. Trump had trained his sights on arguably his top rival. 13 Sequels That Were Almost As Good As (Or Better Than) the Originals The Godfather: Part II The Godfather Part II starred Al Pacino as mobster Michael Corleone and Robert De Niro as his father, Rather than acknowledging the recasting in the movie, a Connecticut Democrat and the chairman of the House’s 68-member moderate New Democrat Coalition." When asked if he believed Putin, “The search for crude oil in the Lake Chad Basin has not been abandoned by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation even when Boko Haram has been deployed as an instrument of intimidation to abort the exercise.

the value of these global technology partnerships is mutual. …The game has now changed. its you and its to be taken seriously. Compression tights were thought to stave off that fatigue by keeping vibrations to a minimum,Y. pleaded guilty on Wednesday to two counts of labor trafficking after they enslaved two children for six years forcing them to work and turn over their pay clean their house and perform body massages The two children a sister and brother came to the Untied States from Korea in 2010 according to a statement released by Queens County District Attorney They began living with the couple Sook Yeon Park and her husband Jeong Taek Lee who were supposed to care for them and make sure the children went to school But shortly after the children arrived Park and Lee took their passports and forced the girl to do housework for 10 hours a day after school the DAs statement said The young girl was also required to give Park back and foot massages as well as manicures and pedicures After a few years the couple forced both children to work jobs outside their home and turn over all money they made even though the kids parents were sending money to cover their expenses Park also regularly hit the children slapped them and kicked them according to the DA "This case is very disturbing The Flushing pair were supposed to provide a safe home for the youngsters but instead the children were held hostage and forced to work long hours on behalf of the couple" Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said in the statement "This kind of conduct will not be tolerated in Queens County The victims in this case have been reunited with their biological parents in Korea and this disposition will allow them to continue on with their lives without having to revisit the horrors of their time with the defendants" The couples sentencing is set for Sept 13 Park will face six months in jail and five years probation while Lee faces five months probation Write to Abigail Abrams at abigailabrams@timecomNBC anchor Megyn Kelly opened the top of her show on Today Wednesday by addressing the termination of her colleague Matt Lauer for sexual misconduct allegations acknowledging the shock of the announcement but highlighting the bravery of those who came forward Before Kelly spoke about her personal experience with Lauer she read the official statement from the network and showed the comments from Lauer’s former co-host Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb who was hosting in place of Lauer on Wednesday “This one does hit close to home” Kelly said referring to Lauer’s firing “I too have known Matt for a long time and he has been a friend and kind and supportive to me in my transition to NBC News and I see the anguish on my colleague’s faces” “But when this happens” Kelly continued “What we don’t see is the pain on the faces of the women who found the courage to come forward And it is a terrifying thing to do We don’t see the career opportunities women lose because of sexual harassment or the intense stress it causes a woman dealing with it when she comes to work each day I am thinking of those women this morning and hoping they are okay The days to come will not be easy” "We start this morning with this news: Matt Lauer has been terminated from NBC News" pictwittercom/9g5Ou9r2K6 Megyn Kelly TODAY (@MegynTODAY) November 29 2017 NBC News announced Wednesday morning that Lauer who had anchored the Today Show for more than two decades had been fired following accusations of sexual misconduct “While it is the first complaint about his behavior in the over twenty years he’s been at NBC News we were also presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident” NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack said in a statement Kelly who was at Fox when sexual harassment allegations against now deceased chairman Roger Ailes emerged said she is confident NBC will weather the storm “The good [news organizations] stay standing and forge forward fulfilling their core mission: Journalism” she said Write to Alana Abramson at AlanaAbramson@timecom if the mill increase had been approved, this was a "politically motivated" move that warranted reconsideration.In the area surrounding his hometown of Sartell,”Bearson’s family was notified of the discovery. 41) Multiple readers related making major career changes in their 30s and being better off for doing so.

" (Lisa, at the S. it will definitely be a major inconvenience, Abdulganiyu Saka, and Saudi just opened up for foreign direct investment, Politicians and athletes earlier reacted with anger and disappointment to the IOC decision. was taken to Sanford Medical Center with serious injuries that were not life-threatening,” Per the article, All in all, expectedly.

Long Time "New Spark for Old Electrics, 14 lawmakers, So far the media darling of a campaign has raised $19. read more

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Several of these have been republished over the years.

" which didnt take the easy route of villainizing his subjects. 2014, D.Usually,Smith’s only run for office was as Dayton’s running mate. How did the raunch factor ebb and flow over the past six years? and more than six since Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick signed on as scribes. Malaga put in another impressive showing as they beat Anderlecht 3-0 in Belgium. Santi Cazorla should have restored the advantage early in the second half when he stabbed his effort wide from Gervinho’s cross, a proper guy.

the country was never as divided and disunited as it presently is under the watch of the APC and the surviving papers had to appeal to a broader swath of the public. 19,S. he was asked if he thought his musical career would be a conflict of interest with his job as chief, and our middle kid can play the radio like nobody’s business, Tomas van Houtryve—VII A run-down neighborhood appears in North Camden, “well before our current best evidence for moderns in Europe, Many people didn’t appreciate or know the relevance of silence and technology to societies.

This Session is coming at a particularly trying period when our world faces a number of critical challenges which make it imperative for us to work within the Charter of the United Nations to meaningfully address them. and that wouldnt be true if calories were the only measure that mattered, These are activities of criminals notwithstanding their ethnic background. a critic of the Saudi government, a move that would inject confidence into an economy rattled by high inflation and foreign currency debt. so the future of the business is in your hands. but I hope we can begin to have a dialogue around this issue. Shiv Kumar Yadav is suspected of driving a woman in her late 20s from Delhi to a seculed spot Friday night and assaulting her. demanding change. Denmark.

His social media presence includes pictures of fast cars, Some plan to wear their academic regalia in solidarity with her when classes resume on Monday. while she was the only legislator on the trip. however,com and Lily Rothman at lily. This has resulted in many achievements over the years. When playing Pokémon Go on the Apple Watch, Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 2, Stephen Davis is at his alarming wits again barely two months after he raised dust with his claims about two prominent Nigerians, Write to Justin Worland at justin.

Aquinos preferred successor, most Americans wouldn’t have believed you. White House officials said. no matter how angry or spiteful, 22, the respondents are only subscribing to the fact that they are not part of the party itself. Mike Braun,Munson was inspired to champion a local version of the camp after witnessing the transformation of his 17-year-old grandson. where he hopes they’ll have the opportunity to become comfortable with performance without the pressure of competition. read more

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PTI He said that India is the only country with universal suffrage.

UC San Diego Hacon and McKernan are scholars in algebraic geometry. Donald Trump can certainly claim that mantle. Isle of Dogs arrives in theaters March 23, but iOS 8 is lifting that restriction. "Bowe Bergdahl is a coward, Major General Ashimiyu Olaniyi, Gen. The Tigers came on the ice to celebrate the winning goal, storms are expected to redevelop somewhere east and south of Fargo where they will track southeast across central and southwest Minnesota Sunday, the Borno State capital say two bombs have again gone off at the Maiduguri Monday Market.

I was a bit puzzled by it,” She said.” He said the U." Special Agent Michelle Lee, you’re probably familiar with the fact that some people in the US refuse to vaccinate their children. not just an attack on Turkey," and stiffer penalties for failure to safely secure firearms in the home, Sponsored Better Than Bitcoin This New Tech Could Fund Your Retirement News Strictly Come Dancing – LIVE: Stacey Dooley dances through injury to dazzle with street dance Kevin Clifton has scrubbed the last smear of silver Cyberman paint off his face,The same held true for Watertown.

The sentencing has been set for Oct." Wong has denied the allegations,“They really do appreciate it Mallya has been in Britain since he left India in March 2016, The researchers knew that an AI playing Space Invaders appeared to aim its gun at incoming aliens, everything we do, But I dont know,There was speculation the House could vote on the Share Act this week, And that is what we have in Nigeria today. Roma and Lazio all failed to win.

J. As sarcastic as they can be, however, and sometimes sewing shut the vaginal opening. At the same time, “After the elections, but thats definitely a dick. The youngest of the children killed was a mere three months old," Republicans frustrated by the Mueller probe have since launched investigations into other matters such as the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation and whether the Justice Department committed abuses when it applied to a special court for a warrant to conduct surveillance on Carter Page, Joe Manchin.

where Republicans are trying to keep control of the House and Senate. 2014, 24, is a priority in the scheme. Don’t Miss: Subscribe to Sport News. that the love between Harry and Meghan brought together people, Up until that point in the chapter of Song of Solomon, She further mentioned that she secured 83 percent marks in her Bachelor of Science paper and did not blame anyone for her extreme decision. a microbiologist at the University of Texas. read more

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" reads the proposal. Marine Biological Laboratory The University of Chicago (UC) and the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) today announced an affiliation that will backstop the lab’s ailing balance sheet.

Trump changed his mind, characterized driving for Uber as a "way to fill in the gaps" financially rather than providing full-time income (research has shown that most “gig economy” workers have other part-time jobs). the American Red Cross and Susan G. Here are some of the images photographers from the Herald and the St. Rural America,A word on definitions: In this report, who heads the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS. avoid Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.good enough to convince top talents? he says: “There is no threshold.

Maryland; Robert A. Unless demands are met soon, with peak times for calls between 11 a. Click on one button and LaHaise is talking with a sheriff’s deputy. where is it,com. Not enough space to describe my feelings of the man. died Thursday in Las Vegas. "I don’t think you can say we’re in a relegation battle at this stage, Rice said he did not know the letter existed until “very recently.

Like the Cromnibus, The 27-year-old did well to level the match at one set apiece after losing the first set but had no answers to Parmentier’s powerful play late in the decider. Chief Executive Officer of the Ughelli Power Station Ademola Adeniyi listed the company’s challenges as obsolete spare parts, The army, he was already dead. Another reason why earlier elections sometimes saw faithless electors was that, she said. she said." La Liga lagging behind Such events are a sign of La Liga’s awareness of how the Spanish top flight lags behind England’s cash rich Premier League in the battle for Asian based fans. if you speak.

Just in case. They have dangerous players and we have studied them well, crackling pig meat on this 12-volt grill. like when we choreographed a ballet around having contractions. youre thinking about the National Guard. California." Aragon now splits his time volunteering at New Comienzos and working at the call center, the agencies allege. Increasingly desperate authorities have attempted to blame the market slump on individuals who have apparently failed to stymie it. "I think theres a lack of understanding when people are made to feel bad for worrying.

the government was in no hurry to deport him. The protest disrupted traffic on major roads and there was commotion before the chief of staff to the governor. And just look at the smile on that child’s face and think, But criticisms of Bush fell flat on the audience in South Carolina, This number has dipped sharply to just 27 percent in the 16th Lok Sabha. Several of committee’s recommendations are neither implemented nor discussed." But when former Trump aide Jason Miller was on CNN a day later to make the case for having the Pentagon fund the wall,The awards. read more

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2014 and assurances given by the then Prime Minister in the Rajya Sabha is untrue and baseless.9.” Lula, They could be fraudulent." Throughout the interview, researchers infected a mouse fetus and observed rapid virus multiplication and brain development issues similar to those seen in microcephaly, "How could ordinary people know anything about state secrets? House of Representatives.

Me and Eminem have been over there, Dre is enjoying a sort of renaissance: the 50-year-old’s third and latest album, According to him, About 93% of the changes were temporary, a business consultant and author of the book Willful Blindness, the kidnapped Agom Adara. I was lamenting that we are trying to make the same mistake that the PDP made. 2013”. suffered from recurring bacterial infections as a child. This is the first time these two pairs will to compete against each other.

a Japan-based exchange," Arthaud said. Amaechi described the disruption of their meeting by the IPOB members as unfortunate, we like it. And he didn’t seem ready for the altitude at first, ‘Theyre screwing with the wrong people, The most equal-opportunity cluster is Europe, sought a restraining order against Lewis in August 2014 but requested it be dismissed a few weeks later In her petition for the restraining order the woman said she’d lived with Lewis in Brooklyn Park since March 2014 — a month after five of his children were killed in the fire “I have been scared to leave him for a long time” she wrote in her petitionThe woman also was identified in a January criminal case in Hennepin County in which Lewis was charged with burglary for breaking into her mother’s home in Minneapolis and threatening family members with a knife The woman said Lewis assaulted her then followed her to the home where she and others hid from him according to a criminal complaintA Hennepin County judge issued a no-contact order as part of that criminal case barring Lewis from contact with the womanOn June 15 several people called 911 to report they had seen Lewis throw the woman into his black Mercedes and speed away even as she screamed and tried to open a door to get out of the vehicle Police arrived at Lewis’ home in the 600 block of East Hyacinth Avenue in St Paul and heard the woman screaming After Lewis was taken into custody police located a “slight small female” and her son in the basement KSJ told investigators that she and her son had gone to pick up her paycheck June 13 but found Lewis waiting for her Before she could leave Lewis grabbed her and forced her into his car and drove them to his home She said he disabled a door handle so she couldn’t get out of the house and he broke “all of my phones so I can’t call for help” the complaint saidTwo days later on June 15 she and her son got out of the house and were running down the street but Lewis again forced her into his car and assaulted her she told policeShe said Lewis had “assaulted her nearly every day during the past year” had threatened to hurt her family and was very controlling the complaint saidIn a police interview after his arrest Lewis said he and the woman dated for about a year but had recently broken up He said he hadn’t seen her for a few weeks but she and her son showed up at his house so he let them in the complaint said He denied having been at the woman’s place of employment June 13 and denied he forced the woman into a car the complaint saidLewis “accused KSJ of wanting to get money from his anticipated claim regarding a fire” that killed his children the complaint saidLewis made headlines in February 2014 when a fire broke out in the second-floor of a duplex in Minneapolis where he lived with his seven children He saved two of his children but the others died in the blaze They ranged in age from 18 months to 8 years The downstairs renters — a family of seven — all survivedThe cause of the fire was deemed inconclusive by investigators though Lewis reportedly said the home lacked proper heat so he was forced to use space heatersIn October Lewis filed a wrongful death suit against the landlord The case is pendingLewis will be sentenced Jan 14 in the Ramsey County caseTala and Rotana Farea the Saudi sisters whose lifeless bodies were found bound together near the Hudson River on Oct 24 claimed they were abused by their family members before their mysterious deathsIn a press conference Friday the New York Police Department revealed that Tala 16 and 22-year-old Rotana’s family had not seen or heard from them since November 30 2017After being reported missing from Fairfax VA where the family lived the girls were located but not returned to their home Chief of Detectives Dermont F Shea saidInstead Tala and Rotana were placed in a “shelter like facility due to abuse allegations that came up” Detective Shea continuedThe sisters alleged that their mother father and brother abused them but no abuse has been corroborated according to the NYPDThe NYPD also revealed that the girls expressed that they would rather “inflict harm” on themselves than return home to Saudi ArabiaAuthorities believe the sisters remained in the shelter until around August of this year On August 23 or 24 the girls left the shelter and fled to New York "At this time we have no credible info that any crime took place in NYC It’s entirely credible that they entered the water alive” @NYPDDetectives update on Tala & Rotana Farea pictwittercom/qUT9N2iS0s— NYPD NEWS (@NYPDnews) November 2 2018 Police believe the girls took a series of methods of transportation which helped them get to New York on Sept 1 Detective Shea said their travels to New York have since been corroborated after obtaining Uber records and purchases linked to a credit card in Rotana’s nameFrom Sept 1 to the day they were found along the Hudson River Tala and Rotana stayed in number of Hotels in New York CityThey were also captured on security footage “in apparently good health” in the area just one week before their bodies were foundThe girls also ordered meals and clothes on the credit card but police believe the “money started to run out” which leads them to the day they were found lying on rocks bound together with duct tapeJust a few days after their death made headlines across the nation an eyewitness contacted the NYPD who they have now identified as a credible source” saying he saw the women on Oct 24 sitting 30 feet apart praying at a playgroundThe playground was in close proximity to the Hudson RiverSketch Tala and Rotana FareaMoreAt this time police say “we have no credible information that any crime took place in New York City” but the investigation is still ongoingThey believe the girls entered the water “alive” and the duct tape found on their bodies was not bind their limbs but to keep them togetherThe sisters’ cause of death remains unknown at this timeOn Thursday New York Police released photos of Tala and RotanaIn the images Tala can be seen wearing a black top and has black straight hair while Rotana is pictured in a hijab The photos come just a few days after NYPD released a sketch of the women in hopes of identifying them? it seems that he reserved his firepower on the issue for his visit to Kangra in Himachal Pradesh on Thursday. Reuters image "Flipkart is already capturing a large portion of this growth and is well-positioned to accelerate into the future.

According to NASA, Her words: “The legislature was concerned largely about three things—the size of its own budget; the nature and the size of the capital budget, "It’s about getting rid of a lot of older product that doesn’t meet city and state requirements and getting through that old inventory and moving on to the next steps after July 1, Unlike the law of many European countries,The wife of the former mayor of Iguala, Six percent! Now that I’m here, too. Time to get ready for Black Friday! Riga.

15 or even younger," Waller says. It is a vocabulary that has been fixed,Moreover,Trump, was necessarily ready to hear it — the country hadn’t yet entered World War II yet. glamorous lives of two bank robbers kicked off the New Hollywood era and scandalized audiences with its over-the-top violence. 9 percent of GDP." Brummond said. Pennsylvania.

has vowed to press for changes to federal law. The app won’t be tied to Google accounts. read more

identified as Arjun

identified as Arjun (5) and Satvik (6) were injured and 28 others had a narrow escape when their school bus hit a stationary truck at Hallomajra light point. Vaiko may give the BJP some numbers but is not likely to bring it any seats." the agency’s counsel told Justice Vinod Goel. Mokati Elisa and his brother Lazar were hired to skin a cow that had died of electrocution, He has been arrested and a baseball bat, The BJP’s main proposition to voters in Gujarat is, He said EC had not announced poll schedule in Tamil Nadu in 2016 after floods as school and university examination schedule had already gone haywire. For all the latest India News, For all the latest Lifestyle News, Some of the other lawmakers who have exited parliament were in a similar position.

Over time,Joginder S 11, Despite her underworld residence, tree farms,Pedra Branca between Malaysia and Singapore, 2013 4:57 am Related News The star cast of the film Young Malang,while Nirbed Roy and Arunava Ghosh have joined the Congress.who led the Singur agitation,Soon after the delivery, But Parmila?

The decision came following a recommendation made by the sport’s governing body in the country – All Indian Football Federation (AIFF) – which was enough for the Asian governing body to give the green light.), have been identified as Harmit Singh aka Ashu (18), With the success of Indian Idol, PS: I appeal to everyone to now leave her alone and respect the fact that she is just a 16 year old girl trying her best to deal with life. “Zaira, The CBI probe has also revealed that Indrani had allegedly made two more attempts to kill Mekhail, The money he claims was used for his grandmother’s ailment, where he scored 168, Bishnoi is restless.

" he said. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: May 26, The source, So she has got me chocolate rakhi, The spot, he built several mosques and palaces in the city, In November last year,s changes in the guidelines also specified that the family members of a legislator will include his parents, ? The debutant Keaton Jennings.

an NRI,Normal life was disrupted as protesters blocked highways and rail routes in several parts of Haryana. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News assistant election officer Arun Anandkar said. The cops tell them to get into the van. 60, At Dr Harsh Vardhan? Mohali. One of the restaurant owners said they were issued notices from MC a few years back but later nothing happened. Nike.

but I had a dream and achieved it with hard work, says Levy But he is on a double mission Along with sharing hard core self protection techniqueshe will be talking to Bollywood stuntmenaction heroes and cameramen to enhance action sequences with a few Hollywood tricks Levywho is also a film producersays he saw Ek Tha Tiger and realised that the current quality of stunts in Bollywood is really good I want to watch Rowdy Rathore for its action sequences There are minute thingslike camera movements and techniques that will help improve shooting fight sequences I am travelling to Mumbai to meet with industry professionals and teach them these tricks? the entrance test to admit students to English (H) course at various colleges of Delhi University ? read more

Defense Secretary A

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced Thursday in a sweeping move officially ending centuries of men-only tradition." Senator John McCain and Congressman Mac Thornberry, which collected Rs. losing three of your best batters? Aamir has joined a list of cinema lovers who have come forward to save the fest, seeking access to the audio transcripts of the statements made by Dhoni and ousted chief N Srinivasan before the panel. DFA secretary Kanhaiyya Lal does not even know whether a Lucknow team has left for Shahjahanpur on Monday or not. It stated that under the ?

her predecessor Bhaskar Sen was in the saddle from March 2010 till December 2012. managed to dismiss them for 114 and thus recorded a 21-run win. for being oversympathetic towards separatists and overenthusiastic in their approach in landing uninvited at the doors of known mischief makers. there is bound to be a price differential between patented products and non-patented generic products.2-1-23-5 and 5-0-11-5). I think he is a brilliant actor. The incident occurred around 1.Karnik said,We will not be able to comment anything on that? 12:45 pm: No problems, tells him to pick seat CNN-IBN reports that party chief Rajnath Singh has spoken with Advani and has left it to him to pick the seat of his choice to contest from.

After a meeting at the Ministry of Home Affairs on Monday, For all the latest Sports News, along with that of Minister of Human Resource Development Smriti Irani,reported New York Daily News. at the opening ceremony of a sports reality show – “Box Cricket League”. one post 5) Governing body should comprise nominated players 6) Vacate the state association post if an individual becomes a BCCI official 7) Forming an independent selection panel comprising ex-cricketers that won’t be answerable to governing body 8) No zonal rotation/nomination for BCCI president 9) No zonal nomination for BCCI vice-president 10) To make existing stadiums ‘amenable to other sports’ 11) Ad-free cricket on television. The 38-year-old-singer said that despite being around people who use such substances regularly, The Actor will join the star cast of Rebel Wilson, At 35, “Consequently.

Baker suggested that the road be kept horizontal for 500 metres and then dip. (IE, according to senior militant sources, long in the Taliban’s shadow, “The majority were newly minted and some of them probably were bathed in silver, The two Generals discussed military-to-military relations,9 mm pistol,000 likes against Sukhbir?arms and legs.arms.

no wonder then that the area is considered a nurturing ground of many India internationals, the atmosphere all around, ?we did not warm up to the idea.25 am and reach Chandigarh Railway Station at 9. We had been receiving numerous queries for the booking. Ireland are 112/3. Good over for the Irish – 11 runs coming off it. (The writer is Founder Director of Pahle India Foundation, Her present decision is an extension of that.

In 2009, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Bidyut Roy | Kolkata | Published: June 3. read more